CrowdFunding meetup
Lets meet and develop and launch your CrowdFunding project

We exists to help entrepreneurs, start ups and CEO's raise money to start or grow their business. We focus on both CrowdFunding Reward and Equity. Here, members share their experiences, pitch and network.

I have started this group- note I am not affiliated to Indiegogo or Kickstarter or any CrowdFundind equity portals. However, I am a huge fan of Crowdfunding and have developed the largest CrowdFunding / CrowdSourcing consulting, educational and marketing portals and social media channels in the world.

We start this group since we ;

1- Believe in' LocaFunding and CrowdFunding as strong alternatives way to raise fund
2- We have the project development, business and inbound and outbound marketing background, experience proven project and results gained during past 4 years. We have support of
3- Our certificate and knowledge of Google apps, business solution and marketing adding Google power to CrowdFunding projects
4-We want want to be involve with projects that can make a difference in humanity and environment.

CrowdFunding starts with word "Crowd" not funding. CrowdFunding is not a filed of dream, If you just build it they do not come . 75% of projects are not successful., this due to entrepreneurs, start ups and CEO's focus on development but not the understanding and practices of CrowdFunding, marketing and promotional strategic, technical and tactical aspects Meeting topics will include:

1- CrowdFunding strategic phase and planning
1- Project Model and Plan - CrowdFunding Planning
2- Business intelligence set up and research
3- Crowd, Followers, backers, flag wavers and investors development
4- CrowdFunding Team building 
2- CrowdFunding technical and development
1- CrowdFunding project virtual development
2- CrowdFunding Project Marketing ( you and your project exit)
3- CrowdFunding Project Promotion (what you offer & what is in it for them)
4- Crowdfunding Influencer marketing
5- CrowdFunding "ask:" video
6- CrowdFunding campaign development
7- The mechanics; 
1- Web and Google landing page ( call to action)
2- Social media accounts development and Crowd building
3- Blog development and Social Media syndication and distributions
4- Press and Media Release'
5- PR
8- Analytic and reporting
3- CrowdFunding tactical
1- Pre campaign launch tactical steps
2- During the campaign
3- Post campaign
4- CrowdFunding equity base project
1- Understanding the law
2- Discover potential
3- Build the team of professionals required

Join us :

Members will receive a free copy of ( CrowdFunding educations)


Thank you for making our 1st meet up a  HUGE SUCCESS.  Our second meetup  event is  based on the incredibly hot, new, exciting way for us to meet, develop and launch you CrowdFunding project. 

Instead of simply having you  into a room with a single CrowdFunding focus or no common goal, we strive to enlighten professionals on how to CrowdFund more effectively and build  develop their CrowdFunding team and idea  more authentically. We want our attendees walking away from our gatherings with insight on what to do with the latest knowledge and information on most important aspects of CrowdFunding . And we want to give our attendees the insights to grow the kind of CrowdFunding success they’ve always dreamed of.

You will be given a Group number from 1 to 5 . Each group will receive following five (5) presentations, thus attendees get more attention and information with less interruption  

    1. 6:00 PM to 6:15 PM -  Introduction & Agenda
    2. 6:15 PM to 6:30 PM -  CrowdFunding Guest speaker - 
    3. 6:30 PM to 7:15 PM -  Crowdfunding Networking 
    4. 7:15PM to 8:30 PM  -  Five 5 CrowdFunding Presentations , 15 minutes each - groups are  consist of 10 to 15 attendees 
      1. List of presentation and presenters:  
        1. Presentation 1 - Equity CrowdFunding - (Sam Main  and Bryan Gianesin) - Equity (Top most interesting topic and  trends in US) 
        2. Presentation 2 - Real Estate CrowdFunding ( Rene Bayani - Matthew Sullivan- Crowd Venture) - History , market players and potential 
          1. Real Estate Crowdfunding is an emerging form of crowdfinancing & peer-to-peer lending (similar to that of Lending Club and Prosper) that has attracted numerous new players around the globe. Learn how to take advantage of this growing market 
        3. Presentation 3 - CrowdFunding 101 ( Aaron Mendez - Sam Khorram ) - What is CrowdFunding - How to prepare and build the team 
        4. Presentation 4 - Find your first , 100 investors  - (David Khorram) -  How to use CrowdFunding to get cash from your crowd
        5. Presentation 5 - CrowdFunding and Branding - Executive coach  Edwin Dearborn) - Crowdfunding Is a Must-Have Marketing Tool for Brands .
    5. 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM  - Question and answer -  Mentors will answer your questions 
Join us  and meet up  with mentors  working on crowdfunding projects on daily basis. Learn what makes a crowdfunding project and campaign successful from presenters who have succeeded (or failed) in funding.  Build your team , find opportunities for collaboration, whether you're a CrowdFunding project owner, CrowdFunding portal , CrowdFunding investor, VC, incubator, Inbound or outbound marketer,   maker, videographer, photographer, or social media strategist.

We want to empower you  to fund what matters to you