CrowdFunding market research

Do you want to raise Fund?

If you want to raise money from Crowdfunding followers, backers and  investors, you need;
  1. A convincing campaign and pitch.
  2. An emotional and "call to action" pact CrowdFunding  landing page, campaign video and page
How can you make your CrowdFunding pitch convincing? 

You need solid MARKET RESEARCH that will give followers, backers and  investors confidence in your;
  1. Branding and market opportunity
  2. Uniqueness and competitive advantage
  3. Financial projections and delivery of your pre order campaign 

Do you need help with market research?

Do you need the market research that can provide you with concept validation. Our team at CrowdFunding mentors  and  have been conducting CrowdFunding market research since 2010, for more than  500 clients. We have developed the best practices method using Google  for business tools. We have access to all the top market research databases. And, most importantly, we know exactly what CrowdFunding followers, backers and  investors will want to see before they're ready to cut you a check.

We can conduct your market research FOR YOU, with our “ Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign Expert market research ” service. We’ll not only save you time but also give valuable information, and you'll have confidence that we've done it right. And we’ve priced this service to make it affordable for you, even if you’re just starting your your CrowdFunding campaign or project 
Without The Right CrowdFunding Market Research, You'll Fail 

CrowdFunding is not a filed of dream. If you just build it , they (Crowd) will not come .

Market research is absolutely critical for Crowdfunding campaign to raise fund. You need solid market research to give backers  and investors confidence in your market opportunity, your competitive advantage, and your goal, fulfillment  and financial projections.
And if you don't have the right market research, you'll struggle to raise money in your campaign and will not meet your campaign goal

For example, if a follower or major backer  asks you a question in your campaign about your product, service or market that you can't objectively answer (because you didn't conduct your research properly)...not only will they not fund your campaign , but it'll be highly embarrassing for you effecting other campaign followers and visitors

And in addition to raising money, market research is critical for your startup and entrepreneurial project  survival... Market research ensures that you're following the right business model and strategy. Missing or having the wrong CrowdFunding market research and intelligence inevitably results in a flawed project and campaign  strategy. 

For example, if you didn't know about your vertical important market trend, your campaign  would be doomed for failure.

To sum it up, if you don't have your market research done correctly every other aspect of your CrowdFunding and business plan are going to be flawed and you won't achieve success.

Our research is  a great way to test  your crowd and market. “You’re going directly to your fans, your followers and backers , the people who’re going to be your customers,”  You’re finding out whether anyone is willing to pay for your great new idea.

Contact us now! 

Our team at CrowdFunding mentors  and  will conduct a tailor made CrowdFunding project and camping market research for you. 

Crowdfunding market research must be your 1st  priority. Learning by just launching (jumping off cliffs and build your wings on the way down) might not be the best practice and for sure can be momentum killer.  

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