CrowdFunding help

  Do you need help with your Kickstarter, Indiegogo or other CrowdFunding portals campaign and project? 
Do you need more crowd followers and backers?
Campaign Development 

Do you need help with your Kickstarter, Indiegogo or other CrowdFunding campaign and project?

If the answer is yes, then we can assist you.

You are:

Whether you are just at the beginning of your CrowdFunding journey, just starting your research or in middle of your campaign, we have the staff, products and services to assist you. 

You may ask, where do we get our knowledge & experience ?

We are:

Like you,  we are CrowdFunding enthusiasts and practitioners. However,  we started our research, work and CrowdFunding campaign projects in early 2010. We are also  a "Google for works" authorized agent , thus we use Google search and applications  in the DNA our organization and our clients CrowdFunding project. (Fabric of success)  

Our Crowd:

In the beginning, we had to build two(2) communities, 1) Community of CrowdFunding Mentors coaches and consultants , 2) Community of  CrowdFunding  enthusiastsstart-ups and entrepreneurs.  

You know that any "CrowdFunding project"  starts  with the "Crowd" or so called your social assets / reach.

Our people, software and tools:

We had also developed CrowdFunding Marketing, promotional software and over 25 websites  in order to facilitate and speed up the process. This took about 5 years. Meanwhile with experiences gained through real live CrowdFunding projects, we had many CrowdFunding campaign successes. You are your software and CrowdFunding is a team effort.

How we can help you:

Based on your CrowdFunding project stage, what you have done as of today and size of your team, you can select  our services from beginner to the advance. CrowdFunding will be a norm and standard for almost all project fundraising and very soon it might even  be called Relationship Funding. Many incubators or Marketing companies  will have CrowdFunding departments within next few years. Meanwhile we are here to assist you and we will also transcend.

What is CrowdFunding:

Relation Ship funding is not BtoB ( Business to business) or BtoC ( Business to customer), It is truly an  HtoH (human to human) process.

As of today we have not fund any shortcuts or magic  to be hundred percent  CrowdFunding success but we have been able to speed up and reach many Funding goals for our clients.