CrowdFunbing Influencer Marketing Training

Why do you need Journalists and bloggers support for your CrowdFunding project and campaign ?

Simply because they already have built the crowd followers and readers that you want to follow and back your campaign now! 

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About you, your CrowdFunding project or campaign

You know CrowdFunding starts with the "crowd" and not "funding". If this is acceptable. Then you need to build your crowd before, during and even after your crowdfunding campaign in expeditious matter.

The best method is to send them email(s) or newsletter(s). This means you need to have their email addresses in your database and a method to send them your communications that is measurable and has analytic built in it . After all when they respond you need to find more of them.

You need to have thousands of followers, backers and flag wavers and we can help you with that. 

About us and what we do it

We are focused on the following CrowdFunding verticals and have been researching and launching successful CrowdFunding campaigns since 2010;

  1. CrowdFunding education and training
  2. CrowdFunding project and Campaign development
  3. CrowdFunding Campaign consultation 

How we can help you now!

As part CrowdFunding education and training, we offer you a one hour session  teaching  and providing you with tools on ;
  1. How to find your  CrowdFunding project vertical influencers
  2. How to find your influences email addresses
  3. How to find your  influences social media account information
  4. How to build a database of  their information
  5. How to communicate with them and keep track of progress
  6. How to use email marketing techniques
  7. Complete automation tools to manage the above

Why influencers can help you

Bloggers and Journalist can play an essential and  important role  in any CrowdFunding campaign and project based on their network and influence in your specialized market and vertical. They have the reach and the ability to Market and promote and review your campaign, product or service and then  present it to their own followers or readers with a positive and call for action recommendation.  

Bloggers are for hire and do not need fresh content. Most Journalist are not for higher and need fresh or new news and content

This is a very cost cost effective and efficient process that you can  use for locating niche bloggers. These are the many  techniques for locating relevant bloggers to promote and review crowdfunding campaigns. The bloggers and journalist s you’re looking to connect with are:

  1. Relevant to your niche
  2. Influential
  3. Have large, active and engaged audience
Hierarchy of influences are a s follow 
  1. Celebrities
  2. Journalist
  3. Bloggers
  4. Fans
  6. Friends

In addition we show you how;

  1. Leverage your other social media accounts
  2. Get the badge or ID to analysis trafic
  3. Ask friends & family through Google+, twitter and face book
  4. Guest Blog
  5. Leverage your existing relationships
  6. Interact with other Pages
  7. Give people a reason
  8. Identify & Tag Influencers
  9. Add people that add you
  10. Build large number of followers 
  11. Be Different and get attention 
  12. Increase inbound leads to your website at a low cost
  13. Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry
  14. Build relationships and excite influencers
  15. Move leads through your sales funnel
  16. Enhance outbound campaign program effectiveness

Contact us for a tailor-made training and consultation session; or Call  949-442-6666 - Ext 0 and ask for David Khorram (CKO) or Sam Mian (Senior CrowdFunding Mentor)  to set up a session. We guarantee results and your satisfaction.

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