Compensation fee

CrowdFunding Marketing Alternative Fee Arrangements ( Risk sharing arrangement) 

CrowdFundingPlanning  have partnered with our clients to develop risk-sharing solutions and alternative fee arrangements to help them address some of  start ups and entrepreneurs  most pressing business and CrowdFunding challenges. 

Alternative fee arrangements can provide greater fee predictability and better value in appropriate matters by focusing on results and efficiency, often without being based directly on the time expended or fixed fee schedule

Alternative fee arrangements  or Risk sharing arrangement =  CrowdFunding campaign support retainer fee + CrowdFunding campaign support success fee

CrowdFunding campaign support  retainer fee

A cost  or retainer  fee is the actual project development and promotional direct cost (no margin - direct cost) . The tangible and intangible properties and assets  created are all belong to CrowdFunding project owner before , during and after the campaign. 

CrowdFunding campaign services and product provided are included  but not limited to;
  1. CrowdFunding project and campaign business model / plan 
  2. CrowdFunding consultation and advise on following phases;
    1. Strategic
    2. Technical and
    3. Tactical
  3. CrowdFunding video guide lines, advise and review 
    1. CrowdFunding video SEO
    2. CrowdFunding video promotion
  4. CrowdFunding website optimized domain name
  5. CrowdFunding Google for works infrastructure
    1. email address and  alias names
    2. Forms and databases
  6. CrowdFunding website ( Google fabric), content and blogs
    1. Optimized domain name and account
    2. Domain map to website
    3. CrowdFunding website SEO
  7. CrowdFunding social media names and accounts
  8. CrowdFunding Social Media followers, Friends and likes
    1. Social Media planting
    2. Social Media farming
    3. Social Media moderation
    4. Social Media posting
  9. CrowdFunding campaign Social Media promotion
    1. CFP channels 
    2. Client channel
  10. CrowdFunding influencer marketing
    1. Finding influencer and decision makers with large networks
    2. Contcating them and gain their support 
  11. CrowdFunding followers email address collection and its data base*
  12. CrowdFunding business intelligence engine deployment and training *
  13. CrowdFunding social media syndicate account *
  14. CrowdFunding campaign page and reward design 
  15. Dedicated CrowdFunding project manager during the life of the project
  16. Dedicated CrowdFunding social media account manager 
  17. Two press release , Google news indexed
  18. Marketing support for the Full 90-Day pre campaign and Campaign Duration
  19. Daily Campaign Twitter Posts to hindered of  thousands of followers (Largest CrowdFunding social Media account in the world - 200,000  Friends, followers..etc.) ) 
  20. Daily Posts in largest  “Crowdfunding Google plus ”  community in the world  with more than 6200  members
  21. A campaign on  “Crowd speaking portal” with gguarantee140,000+ social media reach 
  22. Campaign article on the  three (3) high traffic CrowdFunding website  blog
  23. Boost Post to Facebook and Facebook Ads
  24. LinkedIn posting and articles
  25. Crowdfunding Campaign Consultation, optimize Results and Analytic
  26. More ....
CrowdFunding campaign support  success fee

A success fee is a compensation structure paid to CrowdFunding Planning only for successfully CrowdFunded campaigns. This success fee is typically calculated as a percentage of the total raised amount of a successful campaign.  By structuring your agreement with a back-end success fee, Crowdfunding Planning shares in your interest of having as successful of a campaign as possible.