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Zolo Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Smarter-Together Community

posted Jun 18, 2014, 10:46 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi

Consumer tech brand uses Indiegogo to pioneer a community-reliant business model and offer premium mobile accessories for all

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --New premium mobile accessories brand Zolo today launched a 30-day crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo for a new modular accessories ecosystem. But Zolo's primary goal is not fundraising. Founded on the principle that premium digital accessories shouldn't cost as much as they do, it uses crowdfunding in a new way to demonstrate how massive scale and direct-to-consumer sales can bring premium products to market at an accessible price.crowdfunding marketing

Brought to you by a team of techies at Anker, a brand dedicated to powering digital life, Zolo was created to simplify mobile accessories. Zolo's modular system of products works together using embedded magnets to simplify how users protect, charge and interact with their mobile devices. Phone cases connect seamlessly to portable battery packs, which in turn effortlessly secure charging cords in place no more snaps, clicks, tabs, ties or loose ends. Each product in the system is functional on its own, but together the products integrate seamlessly with one another and into everyday activities so users are free to enjoy more life with less fuss.crowdfunding advertising

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Through the Indiegogo campaign, Zolo aims to work directly with the community to avoid middleman upcharges and more nimbly apply consumers' feedback. By mobilizing supporters to spread the word, it hopes to build scale without costly ad campaigns and to pass savings on to its customers. A successful campaign will validate the demand for Zolo's products and its unique business model.indiegogo marketing

For the initial launch, Zolo will price the first core pack of products at $18 for the first 24 hours. The suite will include:

  • Zolo 1x Battery: adds one full battery charge to most smartphones
  • Zolo Short Cable: magnetically wraps around Zolo 1x Battery for secure transport
  • Zolo Cable Clip: clips to existing cables for magnetic system integration
  • Zolo Tough Case System: slim, military-grade protection for smartphones; Zolo Impact Screen Protector protects smartphones from drops of up to 2 meters

"Crowdfunding our campaign helps us quickly introduce Zolo to a broader community in a more meaningful way than we could have done alone," said Steven Yang, CEO of Zolo and former Google engineer. "We're reimagining how community, manufacturing and distribution can work better together for a smarter life for all."kickstarter marketing

To foster community involvement, Indiegogo contributors will receive Zolo's initial product packs and referral incentives such as a free Zolo Travel Stand. The contributor who refers the most supporters will receive one of each new Zolo product for life.CrowdFunding advertizing

About Zolo:

Zolo is brought to you by a team of techies at Anker, a brand dedicated to powering your life, who wanted to find a way to simplify it too. The result is Zolo, a premium line of mobile accessories founded on the belief that digital essentials should work smarter together and be simple and accessible for everyday life.kickstarter project

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By David Khorram