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Winnipeg magician hoping to saw inner-city kids' troubles in half with crowd-funding campaign

posted Jul 14, 2014, 9:19 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi

When he was seven years old, Evan Morgan watched famed magician David Copperfield perform on television. He was instantly hooked, beginning a love affair with magic.crowdfunding websites

Now, the 24-year-old has launched an online crowdfunding project to try to help bring magic to a group of inner-city youth.

"I've been given lots of opportunities with it in terms of performing for different businesses and birthday parties," said Morgan, whose parents got him into a local magic club called the Society of Young Magicians at a young age. Its alumni include recent Britain's Got Talent finalist Darcy Oake who was there at the same time as Morgan. "I even did magic at a jail once. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to give back to my community."crowdfunding marketing

Partnering with Macdonald Youth Services, Morgan will be teaching magic to a group of eight foster youths at one of the MYS programs July 29-31.crowdfunding advertising

To raise money to support his program, Morgan has turned to, a crowdfunding internet fundraising program similar to Kickstarter and Indiegogo which allows people to donate to a worthwhile cause. From the money raised, $400 is going to magic show props for the children to use, with the rest going into an education trust fund for MYS-supported students. Since it was started June 22, over $700 has been raised with Morgan hoping to at least double that before July 29.indiegogo marketing

Ideally he'd like to raise enough for a year's tuition for one of the students.

Through his own experience, Morgan has discovered that learning magic teaches a kid much more than card tricks and the ability to saw your brother in half.

"In addition to teaching the kids tricks, the main purpose of what I do is to help children learn all the skills that go about doing the art of magic: Public speaking, stage presence, teamwork skills and thinking outside the box to learn the secrets of tricks," said Morgan, who used to his magic skills to help pay his way to a Commerce degree from the University of Manitoba. "All of those skills are incredibly relevant to later on in life."kickstarter marketing

After one of his magic camps, one of the mothers contacted him to express what an impact it has had on her child's self-confidence despite suffering from attention deficit hyeractivity disorder (ADHD). He would use magic as way to express himself with others.

"I've seen what an impact that it has had on my own life in more than one capacity," Morgan said.kickstarter project

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By David Khorram