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Local pastor, wife use crowdfunding, ask for community's help to raise 23K for adoption

posted Nov 22, 2014, 10:17 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Nov 22, 2014, 10:22 PM ]
A local pastor and his wife are asking for the community's help to bring a baby home this Christmas.

And their using crowdfunding to do so.

Beau and Carmel McCarthy always knew they'd adopt a baby, they just didn't know it would be their only option for a family. After ten years trying to conceive and three ectopic pregnancies that almost took her life, at 34 years old, Carmel was forced to have a hysterectomy.

She and Beau, her husband of thirteen years and a pastor at Genesis Church in Royal Oak, are now faced with the daunting task of coming up with twenty-three thousand dollars to bring home a baby through Bethany Christian Services.

With a little creative genius and the tireless devotion of a good friend the McCarthy's launched their "Let's Get It On" crowdfunding campaign . In exchange for a donation of any size, the couple offers a small token of their appreciation -- a handmade ornament for your Christmas tree with the bible verse "For unto us a child is born," -Isiah 9:6  (see photos above). A number on the ornament corresponds to the number of dollars you choose to donate.

In less than a week, friends and family have helped them raise over $7,000.

But reaching out to the community didn't come without thoughtful consideration.

"I felt very vulnerable and I don't like people knowing that we need help financially," Carmel said. "But it's so humbling to watch [the money] come in," she added.

The couple began their journey of domestic infant adoption in October. They've used their entire savings to pay off Carmel's medical debt and put a down payment on a house (it was a requirement of the adoption agency that they upgrade to a two bedroom home -- one for the baby.)

Their adoption license has been approved. Next step is the home study and finally they wait for a baby -- which could come as early as February.

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