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Ukrainians launch crowdfunding campaign to purchase drone

posted Jul 1, 2014, 10:15 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi

With Kiev's troops lacking basic equipment, citizens turn to crowdfunding to help fight pro-Russia militants and keep materials from entering the border.

Ukrainian citizens have launched a crowdfunding campaign to purchase a drone that will perform reconnaissance above rebel provinces and along the border with Russia, The Guardian reported.CrowdFunding advertizing

The "people's drone" aims to help Kiev's soldiers fighting pro-Russian militants by stopping the infiltration of troops and materials from Russia.

Organizers first planned on acquiring a top-notch Israeli drone for $165,000, or an American one for $120,000, but ultimately managed to build it themselves for $35,000, with some equipment provided by the Ukrainian military institute. The group is reportedly also raising funds for a new sniper unit.CrowdFunding marketing

David Arakhania, the IT executive who founded the campaign told The Guardian he felt compelled to take action after seeing that soldiers on the frontline with Crimea were wearing torn gear and lacked basic equipment.Kickstarter Marketing

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine's army has been in disarray, short of resources and currently with only 90,000 soldiers, many of whom have to buy their own uniforms.Indiegogo Marketing

A cease-fire deal was struck last week, but a Russian television cameraman was killed overnight Monday in a shooting in east Ukraine, which Moscow said undermined faith in Kiev's desire to resolve weeks of conflict peacefully.crowdfunding websites

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By David Khorram