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So How, Exactly, Does Venture Capital Work?

posted Jun 7, 2014, 1:16 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi

Well, who better to explain than two PhDs and the founder of a venture capital limited partnership?

 A fine analogy is made about the venture capital landscape: it’s like an ecosystem: all of the parts rely on one another for survival.

General partners and limited partners “are in the business of selecting talent.” They need to select the best talent to have the best return on the investment possible for all those who invested. If this doesn’t happen, the VC firm will have a short lifespan.crowdfunding marketing

The entrepreneur needs money from the managing and limited partners in order to make his or her idea work to its fullest potential so that the investors have a solid ROI. Simply put: you scratch my back, I scratch yours.crowdfunding advertising

It isn’t only the money that makes the difference., Insights into the industry, experience and foreseeing market trends can be just as, if not more, important.

Take a moment to watch and see how the ecosystem of venture capital works in this two-part video.indiegogo marketing

Bryan Roberts, Ph.D. — Partner with Venrock, a leading venture capital firm

Judith Elsea — Co-Founder and Managing Director of Weathergage Capital, a fund-of-funds and limited partner in venture capital investing

John Mendlein, Ph.D. — Chairman of Fate Therapeutics, an emerging company backed by venture funding.kickstarter marketing

Michael Hanewich – Moderator and Head of Silicon Valley Bank’s Life Sciences East practice.

Take a look at the video from our friends at Silicon Valley Bank.kickstarter project

YouTube Video

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