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Skee The People with Crowdfunding

posted Jun 19, 2014, 1:04 AM by Siamak Ebarhimi

The inspiration for the campaign is to keep our Brewskee-Ball family together and our dream of professional skee-ball alive. We are the first-ever national skee-ball league, and over the past ten years, we’ve built an awesome family of rollers across the country and opened our own skee-ball bar in Brooklyn (Full Circle Bar).
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Skee-Ball, Inc., the company that manufactures skee-ball games, is now suing us for trademark infringement. In 2005, we met with the CEO of Skee-Ball, Inc., and explained our idea of taking skee-ball out of the boardwalk and into the bar. We asked him if he wanted to partner with us, and, although he chose not to, he gave us his blessing to start the league and to call it Brewskee-Ball. Now, after we’ve transformed the favorite game of our youth into an adult sport and bar staple, Skee-Ball, Inc., has changed its tune. We believe we’ve done nothing wrong, and we created the Skee The People campaign on RocketHub to stand up to Skee-Ball, Inc., fund this lawsuit, and keep the good times rolling — from skee to shining skee! crowdfunding advertising

It’s been a wonderful and inspiring experience thus far. Our story is unfortunately a common one. A big company trying to steamroll over the little guy because it thinks it can. It doesn’t matter that the big company has a flimsy case. It wants the little guy to struggle with heavy legal bills and ultimately cave. That’s not how it works in 2014. David had a slingshot, we have social media and crowdfunding. If this were 10 years ago we wouldn’t have this resource, but we do, and people are responding in a big way. Crowdfunding has given us the ability to turn this hurtful lawsuit into a positive thing. It has united and galvanized us and has sparked creativity, art and beauty. We hope that we can be an example to other small businesses in a similar circumstance. kickstarter projectYou don’t have to give in to a bully that is pressuring you with outrageous legal bills, thanks to companies like RocketHub, we live in a world where people can fund people! indiegogo marketing

For success, surround yourself with people that you love and don’t be shy asking for help. I’m lucky to have a seemingly infinite supply of beautiful and talented people behind this campaign. I would not be here right now without dozens of friends and family members that have donated their time and expertise. Launching and navigating a campaign like this is not a one person job. I’m overwhelmed by the support I have received and have learned that I have really really smart and generous friends. That may be my best advise right there, have really really smart and generous friends and let them do their thing. This requires a group / family effort.kickstarter marketing

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By David Khorram