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SIGNiX Crowdfunding Partner Finds Success with New Electronic Signature Software

posted Jul 30, 2014, 9:02 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi
Chattanooga, TN -- (
SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- SIGNiX, the most trusted name in digital signatures, is pleased to announce their latest partner CommunityLeader has found success embedding electronic signature software to its Crowdfunding platform. CommunityLeader is the nation’s premier provider of funding portal platform software and services for the ever-growing online securities market. 
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“As a technology company, it’s essential that we give our clients a way to instantly fund their crowdfunding campaigns online,” said Joseph Barisonzi, CEO of CommunityLeader. “Integrating with SIGNiX has added enormous value to our service. With SIGNiX, our clients can get documents signed anywhere, at any time, on any device.” 

By integrating with CommunityLeader’s Apicista platform, SIGNiX’s digital signature software allows crowdfunding portals to provide investors and issuers with a seamless way to sign digital securities documents. 
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SIGNiX’s e-signature technology will help business owners and investors sign documents more seamlessly, as they will have the freedom to do so from the comfort of their own office chair, or anywhere they are doing business. CommunityLeader looks forward to speeding up document turnaround time for its customers—an essential feature in the time-sensitive environment of online crowdfunding. 

“Our partnership with CommunityLeader is a great example of how we’re helping software companies make their products even better by adding secure digital signatures,” said John Harris, director of product management at SIGNiX. “We pride ourselves by offering the most customizable e-signature product on the market. That’s an attractive feature for companies that already have an established brand presence and want to keep their user interface consistent.”

With the addition of EnterpriseDoX, SIGNiX’s integrated e-signature service, CommunityLeader clients are able to sign documents on any device that uses an internet connection including PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. 
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The added technology will be contribute to the power of crowdfunding platforms as an emerging and innovative way to increase capital to growing businesses and startups while reducing costs. Crowdfunding has brought a new market for entrepreneurs and funders around the world. 
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About SIGNiX
SIGNiX, the most trusted name in digital signatures, makes signing documents online safe and secure. SIGNiX offers the only independently verifiable cloud-based digital signature solution, which combines convenience with best-in-class security. SIGNiX’s products help the world’s leading companies become more efficient, decrease risk and boost profits. 
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By David Khorram