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REIGN23: The Crowdfunding Headquarters For Fitness, Technology And Innovation

posted Jul 22, 2014, 11:59 AM by Siamak Ebarhimi

Through crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, innovative ideas that normally would not have come to life, are finally given the opportunity to be created.

And yet, while the funding of such projects is an integral part of them reaching the market, it is only part of the battle. Products still need to be manufactured, designed, packaged and strategically positioned in the marketplacecrowdfunding marketing

That’s where REIGN23 — a crowdfunding ecosystem that features 40-plus products — enters the fold as consumers’ purchasing habits have changed through the advent of smartphones and tablets.

“There are a lot of fantastic products that never make it to retail shelves simply because of the vast number of variables new companies encounter,” said Sean Walser, Founder of REIGN23. “Our team of former seasoned retail executives help by delivering a complete 360-degree picture for our clients.”crowdfunding advertising

Courtesy of REIGN23

Not only does REIGN23 provide consumers easy access to some of the best crowdfunded goods in the design, technology, lifestyle and fitness industries, but it also assists younger brands and accelerates their transition into major domestic and international retail.

As Walser explained to Forbes, “REIGN23 is much more than an ecommerce store.”indiegogo marketing

Walser said that he receives numerous emails a week from companies looking to partner with REIGN23. Only after conducting an extensive review of the brand’s business model, its marketing plans and growth potential, does Walser consider partnering with it; by the fall, the platform will add an additional 15-20 up-and-coming products.“At the end of the day, if a new company can’t execute, nothing else matters,” added Walser. “Not the most solid, well thought-out strategy, not the most innovative business model, not even the invention of technology that could transform an industry.”

“It’s not about the quantity of goods,” Walser said of more products being added to REIGN. “It starts by creating an amazing customer experience from the ground up with a carefully curated product selection.”kickstarter marketing

Crowdfunded products that have passed the REIGN23 inspection process include the Oru Kayak, an origami portable boat; the Mio Alpha Sport Watch; EVO ONE basketball, an interactive experience to practice the game you love ; and the PUSH strength device, a tracking system that monitors your movement at the gym. Currently, the platform carries goods that have raised over $5 million, with most averaging between $100,000 – 250,000.kickstarter project

With retail partners like Apple, Brookstone, QVC and STAPLES, REIGN23 works with some of the largest vendors in the United States and Canada to drive brand sales, awareness and demand for crowdfunded goods.

“The brands and products we carry are not only innovating and pioneering their respective categories, but each have their own unique incredible story to tell as they were crowdfunded and created by normal people like you and me.”CrowdFunding advertizing

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By David Khorram