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One Spark kicks off crowdfunding campaign with RocketHub

posted Jun 5, 2014, 12:08 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi

James Crichlow

Robauto’s Chris Savage was dressed as a robot during One Spark’s first day earlier this year. The downtown festival is gearing up for its second go next year.

The campaign will run Sept. 1 through Oct. 15, 2014, a news release said.
One Spark has kickoffed their online crowdfunding campaign with RocketHub, it said today, looking to raise $50,000 towards the April 2014 festival’s second year operating costs.

“Goods,” or rewards for donating to One Spark’s campaign, range from a shout-out on Twitter to having One Spark’s digital media manager get a tattoo of the donor’s choice on his left shin.

Last year, One Spark raised $106,689 using the online crowdfunding tool, Kickstarter.

One reason it switched from Kickstarter is because RocketHub’s CEO and co-founder, Brian Meece, is a former University of North Florida student.

“Brian has been very supportive of One Spark. At our first event, he gave a lecture on crowdfunding and has been a thought leader on the topic globally,” One Spark executive director Joe Sampson said. “Also, RocketHub is an up-and-coming and strong platform. Right now it’s the world’s third largest crowdfunding platform.”

One Spark’s crowdfunding page goes live Sept. 1 at

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