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Musicraiser Crowdfunding Platform Receives $477k+ Funding To Expand From Italy To UK

posted Jun 26, 2014, 12:48 AM by Siamak Ebarhimi

In news that's gradually making its way into the English-language press, Musicraiser announced that late last month they had officialy raised €350,000 ($477,181) from b-ventures and Key Capital Partners. The Milan-based music crowdfunding platform has supported Italian musicians till this point and they are now planning an expansion into the UK including a London office.crowdfunding marketing

According to what seems to be a press release, Italian crowdfunding siteMusicraiser is expanding into the UK with the help of b-ventures (Italy) and Key Capital Partners (London).crowdfunding advertising funding total, €350,000 ($477,181), may be what they've gotten to date but current funds will be used "to help boost promotion for artists, and to allow the platform to open an office in London, and introduce itself into the British market."

According to b-venture’s Mauro Del Rio:indiegogo marketing

“[The] Music Raiser team has a unique set of skills: On one hand, they fully understand the traditional music business; at the same time, they ‘get’ the new digital way, and they embrace it. In less than a year and with limited resources, they managed to set up and take off the ground what is now [a] leading crowdsourcing platform in Italy. We look forward [to] supporting them in taking this leadership outside [of] Italy.”kickstarter marketing

Musicraiser also recently announced that artists had raised over €1,000,000 ($1,363,800) in their 18 months of operation.kickstarter project

Till this point, due to the language gap, we haven't heard much in the States about Musicraiser but, as they move forward in English-speaking countries, it sounds like that's set to change.CrowdFunding advertizing

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By David Khorram