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Krystal Lee's OMNI Fusion Kitchen - Restaurant - CrowdFunding Restaurant

posted Dec 8, 2014, 8:08 PM by David Khorram

The Omni Fusion Kitchen Story

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  Cooking is one of my ultimate passions.  However, after graduating high school I began a career in the legal field and went to college for that purpose.  Approximately, ten years ago, I began managing law firms.  I’ve had the good fortune to have worked with many wonderful law firms, attorneys, paralegals and secretaries. Even during that time, I would cook and cater events for the firms.  People would catch me staring at them and I would say “Do you like it?” “Is it good?” “Do you think it could be better?” I then decided I would go to Culinary School to expand my knowledge base and learn different techniques to improve the food that I serve.

  While in culinary classes, I noticed a specific phrase being used like “soul food”. It was only referenced specifically to southern style of food.  I thought "Why is that?" “Soul Food” to me, is food made with love that fills your heart and delights your soul – makes you feel good, safe and it feels like home.  All nationalities have their own soul food. 

  OMNI Fusion Kitchen restaurant is a fusion of Soul Foods.  Many different nationalities, “soul food” fused with Louisiana style soul food – my soul food.  It’s not where I was born, I was born right here in California.  My family is from Louisiana and it’s what I grew up eating.  In California we all have the opportunity to be exposed to different people, friends and family of different nationalities.  You go to their house; you have dinner and “Oh my goodness, that was soooo good! What was that again?”  Or you grew up eating at your best friend’s house and didn’t know you were eating their soul food. You just knew it was delicious and something different from what your parents cooked.  When I was growing up, I would go to my friend’s house so I could have home-made tortillas, beans, carne asada and carnitas like my friend’s mom made it and she would come to my house for pot roast, fried chicken, gumbo, peach cobbler and sweet potato pie.  I still remember my mom trying to make tamales – she had masa all over the place.  It was hilarious! After we cleaned the kitchen she said “I’ll just wait for Rosa’s mom to send over some.” She always did.

  When you eat at OMNI you’ll have something that is familiar and different at the same time.  In an atmosphere of friendship and joy; specialty days like Gumbo night and holiday parties.  Meet new people and see old friends.  Refuel your life, your soul, enjoy your food and your sweets at OMNI Fusion Kitchen.

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