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Indiegogo bring crowdfunding tour to Newcastle

posted Jun 20, 2014, 11:29 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi
Global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo is bringing its inaugural "Go CrowdFund Britain" tour to Newcastle next month.

The platform says it is on a mission to get Britain’s best "ideas, coolest inventions, brightest young businesses and the most creative music, fashion and arts projects" crowdfunded on Indiegogo before the end of 2014.CrowdFunding advertizing

The tour will bring crowdfunding experts to Newcastle, who will provide advice to entrepreneurs, provide guidance on using the platform and introduce perks to North Easterners who begin their campaigns in 2014.CrowdFunding marketing

UK marketing and community manager Anastasia Emmanuel said: “Great Britain is a nation of innovation but Britons are being stifled by a lack of available finance.Kickstarter Marketing

"Through the power of Indiegogo, we want to see kitchen table businesses thrive, nurture new inventions, support amazing causes and stimulate Britons to fulfil their entrepreneurial ambitions and creative dreams.Indiegogo Marketing  

“Whether it is 1000 campaigns raising £1,000, 100 campaigns raising £10k, 10 campaigns raising £100k, just 1 campaign raising £1 million or all of these together, it is our belief that by joining forces, we can make it happen.That’s Indiegogo’s mission in the UK for 2014.“crowdfunding websites

Ahead of launch, Virgin, Wix, Tech City News and Crowdbox TV have committed to support as partners with expertise, advice and business support in the form of “perks” for successful campaigns.crowdfunding marketing

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By David Khorram