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Golden Magic Tricks That Can Drive Your Kickstarter Project En Route To Success

posted Jun 17, 2014, 4:10 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi

April, 2009 had undoubtedly been a benchmark in the world of startups when the concept of crowdfunding started taking its rightful place in the society with Kickstarter. Especially for intellectual product manufacturers, the very fact of introducing their concepts amongst the masses became easy and affordable. A new revolution had crept in with the confidence of giving creativity from every sphere of life a chance to express their presence in the world. A lot was expected from this wonder platform since then which recently celebrated the $1 billion that has been pledged by more than 5.8 million people, funding more than 58,000 creative projects on Kickstarter itself. Clearly there’s no doubt why young startups should choose such a platform to launch their products today. Yes, of course, the All-or-Nothing principle did make it sound dicey initially for the creators but it’s an inevitable truth that you’d never be able to live up to the expectations of your backers if you don’t have the entire amount you’ve pledged for.crowdfunding marketing

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform

So, eventually the question boils down to one point for every creator who aspire to launch their projects on Kickstarter – “How to raise that goal and make my idea a reality!” It isn’t something impossible or extremely difficult to achieve as 19,911 projects have been successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2013 alone. What matters is the approach you take in making your creation come alive amongst the 3 million people across all seven continents who happen to be regular viewers of this platform. Every project wants to cross

 the success margins gigantically like Pebble E-Paper Watch had done a couple of years back but it takes quite some  effort and tactics to be able to do something of that stature.

Our post targets in introducing you to some of these magic tricks that have been followed by successful Kickstarter projects (primarily from the tech category) of all times and why you should follow them. Let’s try to make the Kickstarter journeys of future cool gadget innovators a bit more comfortable.

Never Dishearten Your Backers

A crowdfunding project isn’t worth anything if there’s no one willing to back for it. The whole process is based on this creator-backer bonding without which the ideas can never take shape in the real world. Thus, it’s absolutely necessary for you to acknowledge your backers with proper rewards in return for their pledges. They are, after all, the souls without which your product would never have breathed it’s way into reality. “Thank you” mails and stickers may sound good to you but isn’t quite pleasing for the people who’ve spent quite a sum from their hard earned money on your imaginary product. It’s obvious that they’re looking for a prototype and not just some fancy T-shirt!

But again, you can’t reward all your backers with a prototype because there’ll be many who’ll be pledging in small amounts, as low as a dollar. What you need is a proper segregation of rewards keeping in mind the pledge amounts. No more, no less. Take for example, the latest craze in thewearable tech world Oculus Rift which had a marvellous categorization of rewards based on pledges on their Kickstarter project of 2012. That’s what we mean by keeping your backers happy!crowdfunding advertising

Oculus Rift on Kickstarter

That One Video Should Say It All

Kickstarter has truly made it better for you to engage with the audience by giving you the opportunity of featuring a video. It’s said that projects with an introductory video have 50% more chances of getting funded than those which doesn’t have one. That has to be true given the way we are addicted to watching videos these days than reading content. What you should do is take this as a golden opportunity and make the best video you possible can ever think of doing. By best, I don’t mean fancy effects and unnecessary action. Instead, the video should speak of your idea, the product, what made you think of it, where lies the benefits, and every other tiny aspect which, according to you, makes your project complete. It should not stretch too long but should be absolutely eye-catching for all those who happen to be watching it.

Be it for the futuristic technology you showcase or your excellent presentation skills, that one video of your life should be bang on! GoldieBlox, the engineering toy kit for kids, had done one such excellent video on their Kickstarter campaign which made the project really tick. The simplicity with which the founder explained the benefits of the toy and the way she tried to bring an added touch of personalization made it rock at the end.indiegogo marketing

Media and Press Can Be a Real Treat

It’s a known fact that one of the major keys that can make your project go viral is the press. They somewhat act as the verification code for your venture, thus helping you gain trust and reliability in the user’s eyes which, in this case, are the backers. Make sure you have a media pack easily available for the press in order to ensure your revolutionary idea gets promoted amongst the tech savvy readers out there. Also have a press joint on your project page which showcases all the coverage that you’ve had and possible links to a few. This can eventually raise the bar of confidence in pledging amongst the backers which can turn your project into an overnight success. Glyph, the personal theater of the future has done it wonderfully by having a separate press column named as “Accolade from the Media” which gives a glimpse of all the coverage they’ve had at a go. This is, without a doubt, a crucial aspect of giving your project recognition in the crowd.

Avegant Glyph on Kickstarter

Always Have a Strong FAQ Section

When it comes to pledging money, it’s obvious that backers would want to have a clear idea of your project and the future prospects that lie with it. At times, they would even want to request for new features or know whether there’s any potential of incorporating such a feature in the future. That’s when you would require your FAQ section which undoubtedly has to have a proper answer for all such questions that may arise. Backers aren’t always expecting positive replies to these queries but what they are looking forward to is the frankness from the team. You can’t please every single person in this world with your product but you can be true to the visions you’re willing to fulfill with it. 3Doodler is one such project which has a superb FAQ section catering to all such queries but with absolute frankness and optimism. That’s the spirit you’d want to portray with your project anyday!kickstarter marketing

3Doodler on Kickstarter

Language Plays an Important Role, Research Says

Finally, this is one of the most recent rule that’s stepped in which says that the language you use to describe your campaigns also play an important role in determining its’ success rate. After rigorous research on 45,000 Kickstarter campaigns, two researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology,

 Tanushee Mitra and EricGilbert had finally come to this conclusion. They had stated that “The language used by creators to pitch their project plays a major role in driving the project’s success, accounting for 58.56% of the variance around success.” That means that the more confident you sound in the project write up, the higher chances you have for success. Conclusion: Tonality of the language used in the project description is important!

Creativity now has a chance to speak of its presence in the world through Kickstarter. With these simple tips, we hope your venture makes it way to the top soon. Happy Gadgeting!kickstarter project

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