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Fundamental of CrowdFunding project promotion and brand building

posted Oct 9, 2014, 7:23 AM by David Khorram
Fundamental of CrowdFunding from project owner and marketer's  point of views:

1- Founded- Get you founded ( Large and small investors)
2- Convert - Visitors to followers and followers to investors  
3- Analysis - How to use followers and investors to find more  followers and investors.

In order to be founded, one has to have fiscal or virtual presents. Following diagram ( not expanded) shows virtual locations or "ecosystem"  that you can build for your project and campaign presents. 

The next step is to market and publish your ecosystem and collect email addresses or social media accounts addresses .

Inputting above addresses ( auto or manual) to your CRM and Email marketing engine, you can start communicating value and build your community and tribes.

In the community you will find followers and flag wavers which can be directed to CrowdFunding campaign page and "convert them " to your early backers .


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