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First Gear Project Launches Motorsports Crowdfunding Platform

posted Aug 10, 2014, 7:22 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi

In motorsports, funding is often the critical bridge between opportunity and execution. First Gear Project, a new crowdfunding platform dedicated to the automotive and motorsport industries, will help build that  bridge by connecting opportunity and funding.

First Gear Project 1The platform, which recently expended from a successful beta phase, has been built to facilitate programs across the spectrum of the industry, from karting to drag racing, from the development of new aftermarket products to the creation of inspiring documentaries.CrowdFunding advertizing

First Gear Project will build a community, encourage new innovations and foster projects as the open marketplace of motorsports ideas meets with the support of the public, friends, family, and sponsors to turn dreams into realities.CrowdFunding marketing

With a financial base built upon the 20 year success of Oregon technology firm, Viral Enterprises, First Gear Project has been spearheaded by racing driver Guy Cosmo and his wife Louisa.

Motorsports 2President of Vital Enterprises, Ryan Hoppes, stated, “The opportunity to partner Vital Enterprises’ vast array of engineering capabilities with Guy Cosmo’s racing and motorsport industry experience was a great opportunity. Being able to bring a new method of financing to influence further creativity, ability to self-advocate, as well as provide personal connections between fan and drive within the motorsport’s realm, will be exciting to witness. We are thrilled to be a part of this shift.”Kickstarter Marketing

First Gear Project will give participants the opportunity to influence the future by making tangible contributions to a favorite driver or team, or convert a compelling new concept into a publicly available product with a built-in brand awareness and support system.Indiegogo Marketing

Guy CosmoCosmo noted, “This is a project of a lifetime for me, because being in the sport for so many years I’ve seen first hand how critical funding is. We have designed First Gear Project to not only be an opportunity for someone to transform their vision into a marketable reality but it is also a chance for backers to witness the impact of their support. It’s a place for our whole community to actually participate by building programs or supporting them. We are trying to change the industry, and we and our investors believe that this is the best way to do exactly that.”

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By David Khorram