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European Crowdfunding Stakeholders Forum Lists 40 Members

posted Jul 3, 2014, 1:10 AM by Siamak Ebarhimi

The European Crowdfunding Stakeholders Forum (ECSF) has finalized their initial members and posted their proposed rules that are expected to be present at the groups first meeting.  The deadline for applications was May 16, 2014 with the announcement being made by the EC this past week.  The segment of the EC that has over site of this new group is the MARKT – Internal Market and Services DG.CrowdFunding advertizing

The group is expected to assist the Commission in developing policies for crowdfunding to help it to flourish while taking into account the interest of contributors. The tasks of the group will include helping the Commission to raise awareness, provide information and design training modules for project owners; providing expertise to the Commission in promoting transparency, exchange of best practices and European Flagscertification; providing advice to the Commission to explore the potential of establishing a “quality label” to build trust with users; and identifying further issues that may need to be addressed.CrowdFunding marketing

The ECSF lists 40 members made up of 15 member states alongside 25 members from industry  / academic groups involved in the crowdfunding space.  111 applicants were received with the final names selected from that group.  The constituent members include:  5 crowdfunding platforms; 4 financial institutions; 7 SMEs; 4 consumer representatives and 5 research institutions.crowdfunding websites

The list of members is embedded below.

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