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Crowdfunding TV Guide and Virtual Events Calendar Released by Reality Crowd TV

posted Jul 1, 2014, 2:09 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi

HARTFORD, CT, Jun 30, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- A reality crowdfunding TV show focused on the booming crowdfunding industry, Reality Crowd TV, announced its July television programming and events calendar. The reality TV show will focus on how the average American can use crowdfunding as a finance tool to raise money to start a small business, fund creative projects or donate money to social good initiatives to improve a community's well-being and economic development.
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Reality Crowd TV's Founder Manolis Sfinarolakis and the CEO Jessica Sun have set up interviews and will air the program and virtual events on the following dates:crowdfunding advertising

 --  7/1/14 8 p.m. EST: KarmaKrowdTV #1: One Day Two Legends Campaign
            Launch Plan
        --  7/3/14 8 p.m. EST: RCTV #24: Expert Raised $1.5M In 6 Consecutive
        --  7/5/14 1 p.m. EST: RCTV Crowdfunding Office Hours: Tools, Tips, and
            Strategies #5
        --  7/8/14 8 p.m. EST: RCTV#25: Crowdfunding Project on
            iPatch Case
        --  7/10/14 8 p.m. EST: RCTV #26: Crowdfunding has a Magazine:
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        --  7/15/14 5 p.m. EST: RCTV #27: Crowdfunding Sports Economic Rights
        --  7/17/14 8 p.m. EST: RCTV Special Event: Boston AREIA Webinar Real
            Estate Crowdfunding
        --  7/29/14 8 p.m. EST: RCTV #28: Crowdfunding on Soap
            Touchscreen Router
        --  7/31/14 8 p.m. EST: RCTV #29: Crowdfunding Conference in Houston:
        --  8/2/14 1 p.m. EST: RCTV Crowdfunding Office Hours: Tools, Tips, and
            Strategy #6
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The inspiration behind crowdfunding office hours came when the team at Reality Crowd TV realized that there was a serious problem in the crowdfunding industry. "Most project creators when they first hear about crowdfunding have a great idea one day and are launching their crowdfunding campaigns the next. This is a recipe for failure," said Founder Manolis Sfinarolakis. Sfinarolakis continued, "A crowdfunding campaign must be executed over a 3 to 6 month time frame in order to build enough momentum from both traditional and social networks to raise 30% of a crowdfunding campaign's funding goal within the first week. When this happens, statistics show that there is a 90% chance that the project creator will raise the remaining funds."kickstarter marketing

Reality Crowd TV is looking for sponsors who believe in the need for this type of programming to cross promote the events by officially recognizing sponsors on the show in exchange for promoting the events through the sponsor's distribution channels. Media companies, PR agencies, and others are encourage to contact Reality Crowd TV to receive specific details on this no cost sponsorship opportunity at the website.kickstarter project

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By David Khorram