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Crowdfunding school field trips? It's happening in Indy

posted Aug 7, 2014, 1:46 AM by Siamak Ebarhimi
Every kid should get a chance to see the Foucault pendulum at the Indiana State Museum -- for free. That mesmerizing bronze swinging bob that teaches them how the earth rotates.crowdfunding marketing

To explore the museum to learn about the state's history, the ins and outs of the great Hoosier state.

No admission fee needed, as in free school field trips.crowdfunding advertising

The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites said this week it would launch an online crowdfunding initiative aimed at raising $10,000 to help cover free admission for all kindergarten through 12th grade Indiana school field trip groups.

Those funds will cover trips to the museum and 10 state historic sites, includingCorydon, where Indiana began, and the Culbertson Mansion.indiegogo marketing

The reason: In Indiana, there are 77,000 students in fourth-grade classrooms learning Indiana history. Often, it costs $5 to $10 each for those students to go on a field trip that will give them access to hands-on experiences that would enhance their learning.

And it's not just fourth grade. Plenty of other school-aged children benefit from the museum and historic sites programs, all of which meet Indiana's new academic standards.kickstarter marketing

The online crowdfunding call out is set to begin Friday. The money it raises will be matched by USA Funds, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit whose mission is to enhance post-secondary education preparedness, access and success.

"We want all students to have the opportunity to learn about Indiana's history through real objects and personal experiences," said Tina Sullivan, senior vice president of external relations at the Indiana State Museum, in a statement.kickstarter project

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By David Khorram