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Crowdfunding saves kitten flung from car

posted Oct 8, 2014, 1:08 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Oct 8, 2014, 1:08 AM ]
A kitten, now called Roger, was thrown from a moving car in Colorado in early September, hitting the pavement so hard his right leg shattered and had to be amputated. 

Luckily for Roger, a passerby witnessed the incident and got Animal Control out to help. Roger, who weighed just over a pound, was taken to a shelter, the Longmont Humane Society.

By 7 October, 21 people have came to his rescue, donating between $5 and $375 to help pay for medical bills and rehab. 

They did it through, a year-old crowdfunding site, one of the first to be exclusively devoted to animals.

Loveanimals say Roger is sweet and trusting and deserves a second chance. After surgery and a little TLC he'll be ready for a long and happy life with his new family. 

The Crowdfunding project has a number of heart-warming causes. 

One other is The Comfort Dog Project created by The Big Fix Uganda - a project of the Central Valley Coalition for Animals. Their aim is to match a dog companion with a war survivor in Uganda suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Northern Uganda is still recovering from wartime atrocities, such as the abduction of children as soldiers, brutal killings of family memers and the frequent rape of women, resulting in many fatherless children. 

Homeless dogs are rehabilitated then placed with Comfort Dog project participants who undergo 6 months of education and training with their animals. 

So far has raised $500 dollars through 4 donations.

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