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Crowdfunding raises $1600+ for Dusty the Cat

posted Jan 5, 2015, 10:50 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 6, 2015, 6:50 PM by David Khorram ]
Normally, crowdfunding websites are used to kick-start invention ideas, movies, and other services... and oftentimes they can be unsuccessful.

So, when one Lubbock family decided to look at the Internet as a source to help pay for their cat's deteriorating health, they were expecting the worst.

"Right off the bat," his owner Adam Guerra said, "we knew he was somthing special."

Dusty is a 4-year old Persian cat.

"We got him at a Persian Rescue Center in San Antonio," Adam explained. "Right away as soon as we went over there, I just felt something about him."

"This might sound a little bit crazy," he chuckled, scratching Dusty's belly, "but the same way i kind of fell in love with my wife was kind of the same pattern I had with this cat.

"I just knew," he stated. "It was almost like destiny that I had to be with this cat."

"Dusty's owner had become ill," elaborated Elizabeth Anderson with South Texas Persian Rescue, "he was elderly, he was ill and he had to enter hospice... and no one in the family was able to take care of his cat. No one was able to take care of Dusty." 

"It always kind of breaks my heart knowing that he has had a pretty rough past," Adam related. 

"He already had the injury to his eye," Elizabeth continued. "The only option at that point was to have the eye removed, because we did not want to have Dusty be in pain. We didn't want him to be suffering."

"Automatically, we noticed the there was corneal scarring in his eye," he explained, indicating Dusty's darkening eye. 

"I've come to the realization that, yeah, Dusty can go completely blind.
"One thing I didn't want to think about was that."

"It was a panic..." he rubbed under his eyes briefly. "We obviously can't scrounge up funds. I mean, being a college student, working full-time both at our jobs... it's still not cutting what the actual expense of this surgery is going to be."

"We were looking for another route -- luckily we found one," Adam smiled. "It was through The Persian Rescue site -- who have just been phenomenal. They've been so great. They've been sharing so many links on Facebook."

"The procedure costs around $1,500 to $2,000... that's starting," he elaborated on the procedure. "At first it started as just funds just to actually go there and see the optometrist... it turned from -- I believe -- a $500 goal to, like, a $1,000 goal ... and then its almost $1,500 so they just gone ahead and did the whole $2,000. So this is basically going to pay for almost everything."

"We just had so much support," Elizabeth agreed, "and there were so many donations, we decided that 'okay, let's go ahead and see if we can raise all the money to cover all of the treatment.'"

"The things that animals can do, and the things that humans can do, just astonishes me," Adam related. "It makes me feel like there is hope in the world still. You'll never understand how much this means to us and honestly, from the bottom of our hearts... thank you.

"I mean we couldn't have done this without you," he continued, "and to anybody that needs help, just know that... I now understand, like, how important it is for someone to be funded like this, and... man, just God bless you, your family, your pets...

"Just thank you so much." 

As of Saturday night, Dusty's page has raised more than $1,600 of their $2,000 goal. Adam and his wife are taking a trip to Dallas with Dusty this coming week to see a specialist.