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CrowdFunding promotion Have a drink on me IOS app

posted Jan 12, 2015, 5:30 PM by David Khorram


    I'm originally a graphic designer with experience in marketing.  With ideas always running through my head. 
      The original idea for this app came from me not being able to make it to a family members 18th birthday. Feeling disappointed that I couldn't buy them their first drink, I thought... wouldn't it be good if I could just send one?

      'light bulb' Just like how a gift card would work for a store, why not have an app to purchase a drink voucher?.. paid via PayPal or credit/ debit card. The website will have the fully functional services to buy and spend the credit.

      ※ Easily send a gift of food or drinks to family, friends, and colleagues. 
      ※ The easiest way to say Happy Birthday, thank you, or “This round is on me.” 
      ※ Redeem your gift with the push of a button.
      ※ Find the best restaurants and bars around the UK and more
      ※ Send gifts to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or in your personal contacts.

        Have you thought, what can I get them? many bars don't just serve alcoholic beverages, many serve food. Teaming up with chains of bars and pubs, the credit can be spend at the listed establishments, which can be search for and listed in the app users area by town, postcode or using 'current location' via GPS.

        Break down:

        • Funding will cover, the design process, app build and development, marketing and contracts with chains/ establishments. This will enable jobs opportunities in marketing for graduates.
        • Just think, a gift sent in seconds. Which won't get stuffed under the bed or sat for 5 years until its eventually collected dust and thrown in the bin. 
        • If the goal isn't reached, the funds that are raised will be used for the initial design development and awareness of the app such as a fully functional Website.

          Risks & Challenges

          • I always want people to drink responsibly 'drink awareness' will be known throughout this app/ website. But again, like a gift card the credit can be spent on what ever is sold at the establishment chosen such as food.

          Other Ways You Can Help

          • Please, please. If you think you'd use this app or like it then help by spreading the word. It has to start somewhere

          • Please use the Indiegogo share tools! 

          Thank you for your time, you can contact me at

          check back soon