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CrowdFunding promotion Classic Alice: Books 8 & Beyond! Be part of it

posted Jan 12, 2015, 4:54 PM by David Khorram

Help Alice keep living life one book at a time in the innovative series "Classic Alice" -- Books 8+!

SPECIAL: Chris O'Brien has generously offered to run a trivia contest for one lucky donor. Check out the update here and donate quickly! The first person to donate $500 or more (pick ANY perk) gets a Chris O'Brien!

Classic Alice is the brainchild of series creator and star, Kate Hackett. When over-achiever Alice Rackham gets a bad grade on an essay because she isn’t emotionally connecting to material, she decides to live her life according to classic novels. Her friend, Andrew Prichard, uses the opportunity to make a vlog-style documentary about the process, and together they create ‘Classic Alice’.

We shot 24 episodes and 24 confessionals last time, in addition to the 6 + extras already on and all our transmedia (like ourpodcasts) & more is available at and IMDb because we're legit! But we think there should be more.

We loved making Classic Alice and we very much want to tell more stories with these characters. As Kate says -- the story just shouldn't end here; it could, but that's not real life and that's not what we think is best for our show -- it is not the story we set out to tell! There was plenty of drama (will they won't they?! Wind in the Willows! Cara's arc! EWAN. FREAKIN. MCBAY. And so much more) in the past seven books... wouldn't it be nice to see where things head for everyone?

We would like to be able to get NINE DAYS of shooting (three days more than last time!), AT LEAST 24-30(!) episodes in addition to confessionals, podcasts, and all the other ways CA has embraced transmedia (with more of that to come!). Finally -- here's the exciting bit -- we would be shooting OUTSIDE the rooms. AND MOVE THE CAMERA ...sometimes (everyone stay calm!).

We anticipate a return in Summer 2015. More details will follow if we're funded!

And here's one spoiler... we plan [IF WE MAKE ENOUGH] to shoot & air The Lost Pride & Prejudice Episode from when Alice and Andrew did an about face to tackleMacbeth.

Why IndieGoGo? A few reasons...

Multiple perks - Elsewhere, you pick one reward and that's it. We've set up our perks this time to offer you the most flexibility. If you want two things, you can have two things. We want to encourage you to find the rewards you like and take them, not "punish" people for choosing this $40 perk over that one.
Non-Contributors can earn rewards - Everyone who has referred donators give over $500 (cumulative!) will receive our digital downloads perk! Everyone. (More info on that at the bottom of this page)
Referral Contests - We won't be running this until a few weeks in (see calendar), but we will also be running referral contests with prizes for the most shares, the most funding raised, and STUFF. N THINGS! (Don't worry, your donations/referrals will count no matter when you contribute!)
Prizes, games, and more throughout the campaign. (see calendar)
To count as a referrer, you must promote this campaign with Indiegogo’s share tools while logged into your Indiegogo account. This is important because otherwise, your unique ID won’t be attached to any resulting contributions or visits!

We planned out some milestone goals for everyone!

$10,000 UNLOCKED: Scheduled 1/18 4pm PT Google hangout with available cast & crew*

$20,000 Super cut of Cara: Drunken Plot Genie

$30,000 Lost puppeting from Book 4: Macbeth

$40,000 Super cut of hush-hush somethingsomething A+. [TOP SEKRIT]

$50,000 Q&A Video with Alice and Andrew

$60,000 TBA

Reach Goals: We'll tell you after we hit 60k!

* Fair warning, Chris likes to turn on weird special effects that he can't turn off and it's pretty hilarious.

SPECIAL: Chris O'Brien has generously offered to run a trivia contest for one lucky donor. Check out the update here and donate quickly! The first person to donate $500 or more gets a Chris O'Brien!
Also.... check out the crazy stuff we have planned during this campaign...

"Whoa! This is a lot of money!" Yes. Yes it is. And we know we're asking for a GREAT deal more than we did last time... But here's the deal:

Indiegogo & Paypal (or Credit Card) each take about 4% of funds we raise IF WE MAKE OUR GOAL. If we don't, they take a whopping 13% (combined). Our low-ball budget for Books 8+ is 55,000 and we've added a few thousand to help stave the IGG cost.

When we made Classic Alice Books 2-7, a whole LOT of people did not get paid and these are people who, by and large, did the most work. People like Kate, who wasn't paid for writing, producing, acting, or anything else; Josh, our director, who has stayed the course for untold hours; Clare and Lex, our producers; and so many others. Because they were so excited about an educational, entertaining program, they willingly waived their fees -- but it's too much to ask for that again, especially for the amount of work they do.

ALSO, and this is less 'heart plucking' and more exciting... we want to shoot outside & move the camera around. Sometimes. The plan for the rest of the series is to push the format into a new realm and to do that, we need a bigger budget. Because we live in Los Angeles, locations come neither free nor cheap and we're tied to things like insurance, permits, talent, crews, etc., all of which elevate our costs.

"Shoot outside? WTF? Why? How?" One word, you guys.

Take a look at our awesome pie chart that we had to recolor because Tony's eyes couldn't differentiate hues.

Television (and we aim to be a television-quality show) production costs far, far more per minute than we do! Last season, each episode cost about $400. Studio sitcoms cost at least $41,000 per MINUTE. YOU are the only way to keep Classic Alice going -- crowdfunding is going to be our only avenue for funds. We really hope you'll donate!