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CrowdFunding promotion Caring for Change (Canceled)

posted Apr 28, 2015, 1:25 AM by J Shaw

Second Launch, I will not give up till I am funded! Creativity is your oyster.

About this project

What £15.000 will start.

Buy a laptop and printer for work purposes plus continuation of book writing to do with the care sector (fb caring for change) this is almost written, I need to get it proof checked and published.

Buy numerous mascot costumes for children's parties

Pay for my online shop to continue and get me a market stall 4 days a week in 3 different towns

Pay membership fees for SAA where I can also buy stock

Pay for driving lessons so I don't have to keep paying for public transport to go to and from parties

It will also bring me up to date with bills so that I can start a fresh debt free and breathe.

It will mean a lot to me to be able to start this business as it's on my heart to help others like me. I can only dream of being in a position someday where I am the secret millionaire or undercover boss who also helps others dreams come true. I hope you have the heart to help a massive heart get to that point. God Bless You for reading x

This is the future dream I am aiming for

What I aim to do is provide a community creative environment for all creative people to sell their unique works through my business as an outlet. To help provide students with workshops and work experience in a creative environment to encourage and enable them in their creative future. To inspire more people in becoming self employed and create more jobs for the future and for many generations to come. I will offer voluntary work positions for those who need something to put on their C.V

I aim to have a retail space in order to provide studio's for Recording, Video and photography, a separate space for children's parties and have a main shop floor to sell my own and others creative works such as, fashion, paintings, interior design, decorating and much more. Imagine everything all in one place 'Creativity is your oyster'.

I have relaunched with a more realistic goal, it will allow for my business to atleast begin rather than remain on the side lines. This will not get me a shop, but it will allow for me to get stock needed from my Amazon wishlist, pay for my online shop, transport and a regular market stalls, market myself and begin basically. Thankyou for reading.

Risks and challenges

At the moment my risks and challenges are getting funded. No funds means a harder and longer journey to get going. I aim to start with a market stall for now, my back up is Avon.