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CrowdFunding promotion An Open Letter to All Mankind

posted Apr 28, 2015, 1:11 AM by J Shaw

YouTube Video

An Open Letter to YouTube and Twitter phenomenons, Millionaires,Brands and to All Mankind.

An Open Letter to YouTube and Twitter phenomenons, World's Billionaires , World's Millionaires, Charities, Famous Brands and to All Mankind.

I'm a desperate father, and I need help.

My aim in preparing this video is to reach the masses with the power of social media.

"Start a new life" campaign  , and I created the fundraising campaign before, I had no money for advertising, so the audience could not hear my voice. But with YouTube and Twitter, and in particular I would like to hear my voice through the phenomenon and celebrity pages.

Through this campaign, you can see as a social experiment, with social media, you may witness the difficulty of getting rid of a desperate father and family, and can help.

I need help, I need some hope, I need a new life, I need you.

My life;

I have two kids, and the older one Metin ear surgery demonstration. We had to take the expensive surgery and credit.This year I'm going to have to get my son's 2nd surgery. 

I can't get the credit because I already have one. Sold my car, but every month is increasing the amount of total spent with the examination.

I have 3 months of surgery but I have to go away every month for 120 km to expensive examinaton.My wife looked at the only salary for children I'm working and I'm paid a total of $ 700. I was really desperate.I owe almost 70000$ for surgery costs, inspection costs,credits etc.

Every cent helps

Please don't let me alone

I got work for a month with $ 700 dollars, I do not want to spend trying to look at my wife and my two children.

I do not want to attract new loans to pay off my credit debts.

Nothing to do with my family the most beautiful period of my life, I do not want to fail to get what they want.

I want your help, because I dream of living debt free, and I want to have my income,

I want your help because I want to be able to buy our own house with my wife dream


I want your help because I want to take my son to Disneyland is imaginary,

I want your help, because I want my daughter to grow a beautiful future.

I want your help because I want to start a new life.

Even the smallest assistance to be part of a big change, please help me now.

You can make a donation, you can share this video, you might try contacting morale,

If you like to be my guests, entertaining at home when you can play games with the kids,

If you want to help you find a way ...

I created this video and campaign with all sincerity without any advertising purpose.

Thank you for your help.

Sincerely I embrace you all.

I need hope,

My family need hope,

Please not let me alone.