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CrowdFunding promotion A Gay Love Story Films call to action

posted May 26, 2015, 12:08 AM by J Shaw

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Sometimes two friends have to plan an escape to find a better place... no matter the cost.

A Call to Action for A Better Place!!!

(be sure to read everything as new information has been added everywhere!)

Also, we have seen that many have viewed this project, but no one has donated yet.  If you have viewed the site and didn't donate, please click contact and let us know why.  This way we can see what we can do differently!  Thank You!  It seams like now days you need to be really famous or have someone famous attached to your project to get backers.  Just because a project doesn't have that, does not mean that it will not be a good project!  We believe in this project so much, that we will continue to put it on Indiegogo until we make our goal and can make you a great film!  To those that back us now or in the future, thank you in advance, and you will have bragging rights when the film is completed! lol  That is why I have created Bad Wolf Productions, to prove to people out their that anyone can do it and to inspire others out thier to follow thier dreams as well, and that they can do it if they put thier mind to it!

Here I will post some perk updates since their is limited room in the perks to say stuff.
If we make our goal, the person that donates the most money will get the chance to write our second film we make!  Donct miss your chance today!
Now: Executive Producer Perk comes with digital download access to not just this film but the next 2 films,  President comes with the next 4 films, and VIP Presidential comes with the next 7 films!!!!!
Have you ever wanted to go to a film festival?  This is your chance!  All perk levels will be entered into a random drawing for a 1 night trip for 2 to join us at a film festival!  We will pay for your travel, hotel for 1 night and meal for 1 night.  We might even throw in some souvenirs :-). 

Perks of $15 or more will be entered in a random drawing to get 1 of 2 Bad Wolf Productions branded new PS4's with 2 games of your choice!  Systems to be delivered by Oct. 1, 2015!  

Presidential and VIP Presidential perks will also be entered in another random drawing to get a Bad Wolf Productions random crate with random things in it from the set and more!  This will not be a small crate either!

I apologize in advance, I get nervous in front of cameras. lol  That is why I stay behind them.  This is low quality because it was done on a laptop camera.

Remember, you don't have to donate what is asked on the right.  Just donate what you can.  Even if it is just $1, every little bit will help!

Be sure to check and see how you can walk the red carpet at a film festival!

We have been in talks and close to purchasing the film rights to the book (which is not going to be cheep in the 5 figures, maybe 6 figures), but need you on this journey to complete the purchase and start filming! 

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Every perk will get special access to our 30 minute (minimum 5 episodes, but might be more) YouTube reality series that will air after the film is complete.  You will get this access 1 week before the public gets access to it.  The Making Of... will be full of behind the scenes footage and more (which is why we can not air it until after the film is complete so we do not spoil the film for anyone) as cameras follow the cast and crew on the set of A Better Place.  You will get to see a lot of what goes on behind the scenes of our film from the first call of "action" to "that's a wrap!"  This can only be possible if you join with us on this journey!

OK all, we have a new add on goal we would like to offer! Anyone who backs us with $425 or more will get to help us pick the cast! That's right, we will set up a special website for only you to watch the audition tapes and then vote on your favorite auditions! More details when it gets closer!

             A Better Place could be considered similar to the following movies:


         Budget             $1M                           $2M                          $14M

Casper is the poorest boy in his school.  On top of it, he is scrawny, which makes him a target for all kinds of abuse.  He goes through life as the “invisible boy.”  His father ignores him and wants nothing to do with him, his brother abuses him physically and mentally, his mother passed away a few years ago, and his class mates are always trying to fight him.  Casper has been ready to give up and throw in the towel.  He has nothing and no one to save him from the horrors that he faces every day.  Most nights he even sleeps outside to avoid the abuse from his brother.

Brendan, on the other hand, has it all.  He comes from a rich family and has muscles.  He is also captain of the football team so he has popularity and fame as well.  Brendan’s world begins to change when he takes an interest in Casper.  As their friendship begins to go in a new direction that no one ever would guess, he suffers much heartbreak including being disowned, locked up, and shocked to “heal” him.

The first half takes us on a journey of how Casper and Brendan come together and begin their relationship.  Casper is excited because he has never had the attention that Brendan is giving him.  But the road they travel is not always easy for them.  The second half takes us on a journey of what they have to do for their love and to be together.

Casper and Brendan share nothing on the surface, yet underneath they both have a earning to be free, a yearning to find a better place. As Casper must rescue Brendan from the horrors of being locked up, Brendan must rescue Casper from the horrors he faces in his life.  To find a better place, both boys must set off on a journey to escape their horrors that will lead them on a journey of self discovery as well as to new friends and a new family.

A Better Place is a story about two boys that are from two different worlds who are struggling to find themselves in a whirlwind of confusion.  Will the strength that they find in each other be enough to help them overcome the hatred and abuse of others?  The unlikely pair will struggle on their journey through friendship and heartbreaks, betrayals and hardships, as they try to find the deepest desire of their hearts.

A Better Place is a movie based on the book "A Better Place" by Mark Roeder, which is also his number 1 selling book. Please join us in helping to show that it is possible to start a project without famous people tied to it with a show of support on Indiegogo. A Better Place is an opportunity for real growth and an invitation to challenge your friends to help back a great project. A Better Place will show some of the hardships that a gay person may face in real life and hopefully show those that might be going through the exact same thing that if they hold on, there is A Better Place out there and that they too will find it. This movie will be inspiring and an uplifting hour and a half journey of discovery! 

Think back to when you were in school. Were you the one always picked on and the loner? Maybe you were the most popular or a cheerleader or jock? Maybe you were gay and having to hide it for fear of what might happen. Did high school bring you a lot of pain and hardships? If so, you will be able to relate to this movie when it is complete and it just might help show others going through what you went through that there is A Better Place out there. 

 A Better Place is a gay love story about two boys that are from two different worlds who struggle to find themselves in a whirlwind of confusion. Can the strength that they find in each other be enough for them to overcome the hatred and abuse from others as they struggle through betrayals and hardships, friendships and heartbreaks, to find the deepest desire of their hearts. 

Brendan learns firsthand what Casper goes through.  Casper and Brendan share nothing in common on the surface, but under each of their reputations is a yearning to be free and to find a better place. They set off to leave their troubles behind them as they head out on a long journey to find a better place to live. They will meet many obstacles on their journey and find new friends along the way. 

We will be starting filming on the film this June with a June 2016 release of the film. Filming will be taking place in South Dakota, mainly the South East part of South Dakota. Please join us on this journey!


                     Our rough budget

So, “what will my donation go towards” you might be wondering. Well, here it is: 

Short version: Your donations will help us to cover some of the costs of Pre-Production, shooting, visual FX, props and costumes, studio and sets, equipment, talent (both actors and crew), post-productions, insurance, and any unforeseen costs that might come up during the making of this film. 

Long Version: some of the things that your funding will help to cover include, cameras, video monitors, boom equipment, light meter, color meter, stedicam, audio equipment like a field mixer and digital recorder, the purchase of costumes for the cast to wear, insurance should anything happen on set we want to make sure everyone is covered as well as other legal stuff, post production to do sound design, color correction, etc., pay for the cast and crew since they will not want to do this for free and we want to have a great ensemble for the cast for you to enjoy, craft services since everyone needs to eat on set and we don’t want anyone to starve during production, cost for the film rights to the book, costs to build sets as well as to use locations, cost for the rights to music that will be in the film, travel to get everyone and all the equipment to and from locations, costs to enter and take A Better Place in film festivals like Sundance, and costs associated with initially producing DVD's and Blueray’s. Uncle Sam also wants a percent of what we raise as well. So we have to take this into account for our figures on how much we need as well. This is just some of the many things that funding will go to. Most importantly anything left over after we are done filming will be given to other projects on Indigogo to help them out!

A Better Place is a micro-budgeted, gay-themed romantic drama about two boys from two different worlds coming out story.  It is an Independent Romantic Drama film that has gotten great reviews as a book (which you can see some further bellow) that will get even greater reviews as a film!

This projects goal is to raise the profile of Bad Wolf Productions and its filmmakers, make a large splash on the indie film festival circuit, solicit critical acclaim for a job well done, and hopefully we will not lose our shirts over it.

For me it is not all about the money.  It never is.  Though I have a profound respect for it, and the more one respects it, the more it will come.  Truthfully, though, the same can also be said for the soul and heart of the project.  It is not all about the money, it is about what this project wants, and deserves to be.  For me it is about showing my film talents to the world and telling a story that people will enjoy for years to come!

As small as it is, this project hopes to provide information, some laughing solace, and a comforting salve to stem the seeming epidemic of high school sexual-orientation-related bullying and suicides.  If we get an R-rating, we would be completely excluding half of our target audience and dilute the meaning and impact of the film.

Our best-case scenario shows that after a film festival or two, a major studio might pick up the distribution rights and send the film to some limited theaters.  Our medium-case scenario shows that we not just release the film at 1 or 2 film festivals, but we also just with our distribution means through online stores and our website.  Could we make this film for $100,000?  If we wanted it to look really low budget, but why would we want to do that?  Maybe we can take a risk and make a brilliant film for $400,000, hit a nerve and everyone is thrilled, and shocked!

So now we have choices to make.  Do we shoot the film for $100,000?  Or can we raise $400,000 to make this look like a million dollar film.  Every decision that we make affects or choice of cameras, the size of each department, the length of set up and thus the number of days in our shoot schedule.  Our locations affect the number of extras that we can accommodate, affecting our food costs.  Can we shoot at a football field when school is out?  Or get access to shoot an actual game and then intercut staged scenes on crowded bleachers?  Or do we have to shoot a football practice instead of a game to get the same scene point across?  What is the caliber of cast that we can get?

Each of these decisions can affect or schedule dramatically.  Each location affects everything from the number of bathrooms we would need to the Kraft services for the shoot.  We cannot be so focused on the bottom-line that we shunt good writing and empathetic and root-worthy character development to the side.  It is a collaborative journey.

Bad Wolf Productions is committed to creating and successfully producing A Better Place. We need to raise $400,000 (or more because the more we raise the greater the experience for you) to finish pre-production and start filming on A Better Place and you can grab this chance with us. Why do we need to raise the money?  Simple, we want to deliver to you a memorable film experience using great makeup, great actors, unique locations, and more.  All of this costs money, and unfortunately it is more money than we have at this time.  We want to do things right with A Better Place.  We are excited by this story and look forward to going on its journey with you and sharing this story with you.  It deserves to look like it was made with over $1,000,000.  With this money, we can really plan out the film thoroughly, and make the movie we want to make and that you would expect us to make. Thanks to a couple of private donations, we have started some of our pre-production on the movie. But we still need you to give A Better Place the chance it deserves! Together we can do this! 

Bad Wolf Productions is a South Dakota based Indie Production Studio that will distribute films produced by the business to customers in its targeted markets starting with A Better Place. 

 Currently A Better Place is in script and funding stage. The script is being written while we raise funding for the project. After funding is raised, we will be purchasing all the necessary equipment that will be needed and start the rest of pre-production, scouting locations for the shoot, setting up contracts with places we will be filming in and at, putting out casting calls for cast and crew, etc. We hope to start filming in June or July of 2015 with a release date for the film of June 2016. 

 The film will be available to purchase as a digital download and on DVD and Blueray. We are also going to submit the film to a couple of film festivals as well. Most rewards will be sent out after the film is complete. The reason for this is because one, if you are getting a copy of the movie, obviously we cannot send it out if it is not finished, and two, if we send out say the script before the film is finished, then you already know what is going to happen, or others might know if the script gets leaked. 

Right now the film is budgeted at roughly around $385,000 which includes things like the cost of equipment that will be needed, purchasing rights to things like music for the film, paychecks for cast and crew, as well as cost to produce and send out rewards for backing the project, etc. This is the bare minimum for us to create a great experience for you. Anything lower than that and we might as well not make the movie because it would look as if it was done on a cell phone. Lol This does not include the fee from Indiegogo if we are successful with our campaign as well as any taxes that Uncle Sam is going to want from the money since he always wants his cut in everything, including crowd funding if it is over a certain amount. We have also signed up with so any funding left over after our project is done will be paid forward to other projects on Indiegogo! All backers will get to follow a special Twitter account for A Better Place. This is where you will get to see what we are doing that day on the set as well as follow the production of the film and at times tweet with the cast during production.

The goal is to enter A Better Place into several film festivals to get the most media coverage for our screenings as possible. The film festivals include Sundance, Atlanta Film, Berlin & Beyond, Bel Air, Boston, Boulder, and more.


                                     1st Teaser Poster                                                                1st Teaser Poster

#1 Selling book for Mark.

87% of people on Goodreads liked the book. 

Readers on have selected the book as the 50th all time best gay book. 

The following is actual comments that people have made after reading the book.  Our movie will get the same type of comments, if not better ones when it is completed!

A great read!

Roeder gives us an amazing portrayal of the fear, self-loathing, and other problems these boys experience because of their sexual orientation. He captures the boys' emotions so deeply that the reader's own heart breaks for them and for all boys like them. It is disgraceful that they are made to feel perverted, abnormal, and inferior because much of society has deemed homosexuality immoral.
It makes any accepting human being want to fix society, to change the puritanical idea that same sex love is wrong, to pass legislation that makes same sex marriage legal, and accept that it is diversity that makes our country great. We should all be free to love who we want without fear of discrimination, hatred, and prejudice.
Anyone who has ever been teased or tormented appreciates the emotional toll it takes on self confidence and self esteem. It is depressing to hear Casper describe himself as "poor, unpopular, weak, puny, and pathetic," while the reader sees a sweet, loveable, bright, and undernourished boy. Brendan's love for Casper makes him even more desirable.
Roeder shows, parents who can not accept their children's sexual orientation and love them unconditionally, parents who do not protect their children, and a society that allows places like Cloverdale, a mental institution that uses physical, chemical (drugs), and psychological means to "cure" people of their homosexuality. There can be no equality and freedom until people accept that nothing can (or should) be done to make gay people straight.
This story offers hope that a better place, away from fear, hatred, intolerance, and discrimination, does exist and at the same time, tells a heartwarming, exciting, and enjoyable story. I love Mark Roeder's books and hope he continues to share his talent with us for years to come.

This book is amazing!

I've had this book on my wish list for months and was finally able to buy it a few days ago. I finished the book in like three days. It was simply amazing. I could NOT put it down. The way Mark wrote about emotions and feelings made it seem like I was in the book myself. Reading some of the other reviews about how he is too mushy and repetitive and unrealistic, but I didn't think the book was anything but perfect. I definitely recommend this book for everyone that wants a great read!

Highly recomended

Wowww.. I have no words to describe how enjoy reading this book..
It was excellent the Author Mark A. Roeder made an awesome job because he put all his attention to every detail in the book making his audience wanting to read more and more.. The protagonists in this book sometimes made me almost cry, other times laugh and some others just gave me hope to believe it is possible to find and to be faithful to the one you love.. I don't want to tell about the story because this is something you need to find out when you read it by yourself.. I have purchased 3 books from the same author and all of them have been fantastic.. Excuse my writing English is my second language... But these books are also helping me to improve the language... Please read this books you won't be disappointed, I promise!!

Beautiful Story

I came across this book and others by Mark A Roeder purely by accident I was looking through the B&N website for gay themed books. I was attracted by the description of the book. I am so glad that there is a writer like Mark out there who is presenting a positive image of gay youth--as an older gay man I only wish that someone like Mark was around writing books like this when I was a teenager or that the society was different then and would have even allowed it. More people need to read Mark's books and wake up and smell the coffee and realize it is only about love not some great homosexual agenda

A good but very real book

This was an okay book, but i had to stop reading it. Some of the things happening to the characters in the book were very realistic and somewhat insulting. I don't want to give any thing away from the book but be warned. read it if and only if you are able to handle the truth of some of the horrors in our world.

One of my favorites of all time!!!

This book drew me in right from the start. I fell in love with both of the main characters, and all the twists, turns, and troubles that these characters go through made this book a very fast and very good read. Part I of the book is simply amazing and I loved it. Part II however was just OK for me. The story seemed to drag a bit, but the story ties in with Roeder's other books which is very cool. But none-the-less everyone should read this book.


This is one of the best love stories I've ever read. I fell in love with Casper and Brendan. I wanted to feel the warmth of their embraces. I forgive them for not knowing me. After all, I am just the reader.

OMG I loved this book!!

I loved this was amazing!!! The emotion you could actually feel for the characters was indescribable. I think that this book would make an outstanding movie.

poignant and exciting

this is a great book. I actually finished readin it in 2 days (that's like a new record for me). The story is definitely engrossing, and not entirely cheesy/predictable. Although the ending seemed unfinished to me. but its really minor. (i was a bit disappointed). The switchin view of narrative seemed nice in the beginning, but it would've been better if the author used this technique describing the same event, instead of using it to advance the story line. but overall, great.

Idealized Romantic Fiction, but EXTREMELY Powerful and Important

We all read novels for different reasons and with different expectations. When I read A Better Place, I was expecting a sort of "Cinderella Story" poor, downtrodden boy is swept away by the godlike High School super- stud and lives happily ever after. I definitely got my money's worth on that front, but had absolutely no idea I would read anything so incredibly powerful and emotional. I was not at all expecting that I would develop such a love and, yes, deep emotional bond with the characters. I've never experienced anything quite like it. Casper, the poor boy, is almost the poster child for "whatever possibly can go wrong, has". He's almost a caricature at times, but I SO DEEPLY cared for him and what he felt and experienced and thought. Roeder's writing style, while judged by some elsewhere in online reviews as "immature" was done with the purpose of making the reader FEEL what it's like to be 15-year old Casper. I think it was remarkable. Brendan, the football jock, is similarly almost too perfect to be true, but the things that he goes through, the decisions he makes and the thoughts he has are likewise so powerful. Brendan is like the IDEAL of who we all wish we could be or have as a soul mate. In fact, I¿m not too proud to say that I think of the character of Brendan as supremely heroic for who he is. This IS only a romantic fantasy, but I'd be willing to put Brendan up as a young gay role model anywhere, at any time. In fact, through the character of Brendan, Mark Roeder has written what I would consider the MOST POWERFUL, beautiful, thought- provoking and inspiring dialog I've ever read in any gay fiction (the opening paragraph on page 313). By the time I reached the final page, I'd read something that spoke to me very deeply. I've been accused many times of being a "hopeless romantic" and will freely admit that I am, but this story meant so much more to me than that. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.  I've never felt so drawn to any work of fiction before and it¿s because of the power of the story, the love I found I have for the characters and the way the entire novel made me feel. 

Can you find a better novel? No!

Brendan and Casper are just like other boys who are having problems with life and love, but it doesn't help when you're a gay boy around a bunch of bigots, especially if you aren't even sure about who you are yet. Mark is a writer who knows how to share a story in ways that make you care about people who might not fit in.

A *Far* Better Place!

This is one of three of Mark's books that I have read so far and is, in my opinion, the best yet read.

Casper's character, especially early in the book, stimulates every sympathetic and protective nerve in your body. Sometimes so much so that it hurts. Brendan, almost a little too perfect to believe at first, develops very nicely as the story progresses and the balance between our two heroes shifts into gear before any seeming gulf between their needs and abilities becomes uncomfortable.
Like all Mark's couples with whom I am familiar, Casper and Brendan really and truly *belong* together. It seems to take a little longer for them to show it in APB than is the case with characters in some of the other books. But that makes it all the more wonderful. There was a quite a bit of heartbreak, suspense and even a "dark secret" or two before Casper and Brendan truly "meld" in my mind's eyes. But when they do, the result is one of the most beautiful and believable stories of mutual love and support that I have had the pleasure of reading.
Although other fans will disagree (we have *strong* opinions in this regard), I would readily recommend "A Better Place" to anyone who is curious about Mark A. Roeder's work (or about "gay teen romances" in general) as a "first read." That recommendation stands whether the prospective reader is straight or gay or somewhere in between. Even more, I would recommend this book to parents or adult friends (teachers, employers, coaches, etc.) of gay young people who are a little unsure of what "being gay" can really mean. Mark captures the hopes and fears, as well as the trials and victories of young gay men and gives them a vitality and realism that is exquisite. If you have read other of Mark's books, you of course need no recommendation. But if you haven't, I urge you to try this one. It will definitely take you to a "far better place" than you might first imagine.

Really good, it tore me up a couple times!

I don't tear up much, but sure did a few times. There is something about the way the book is written that just gets me. The book is about 1980's kids in love which I once was, but after 32 years with my Casper we are just a couple of middle aged guys still in love. Thank you for this book!

Love this book, a good read for those who have gone through so much to live a normal life.

A good read for those who have gone through so much to live a normal life in today's world. My partner died when he was 40 years old, dating in gay society is almost nonexistent, so I thought I would never love again or be loved and to this day find it hard to live each day knowing I will be alone in a world where you almost have to have a very friend, partner just to make life easier.

We made it through the ruff parts, just ready to settle down and Brian died of a diabetic heart attack when I woke up the next morning with my arm wrapped around him. This was brought on by a doctor who prescribed incorrect medication, but since his family didn't even want him being gay, they seem not to even care about his wrongful death.
We had so many plans, so many things to do; he had no desire to die so I am left with suicidal thoughts and anger, major depression, now living at my mother's at 45.
Wish someone could write a book about what I and us both went through in our lives, you would find a true, sad life to live.

An Important Piece of Literature !

As an educator I highly recommend this book to young and old alike. The main characters Casper and Brendan face incredible odds in their relationship and how they deal with those odds will not cease to amaze the reader. Mr. Roeder has given us a love story that at times is difficult to handle,(I had to put the book down several times and catch my breath), and yet so believable. Gay and straight youth and adults alike would benefit from this story that touches upon some very important issues.This is my first read from this author, I now want to read the other books in this series entitled "Gay Youth Chronicles" and I will. A definite five star read! Thank you Mr. Roeder for your wonderful story, your insight, and your ability to create such heart-warming characters. I look forward to reading all of your past and future work.

Amazing Book

This book was amazing because it was truly a gay romance novel in the purest form with high school teen angst. This story begins with high school football captain in love with the high school most bullied, abused, and poor boy. Suffice to say certain events in the book is shocking and these unfortunate events that occurred to the two main characters only made them better in retrospective. To be honest, I read the book in a time period of 2 weeks because the main character were so likable and I was absolutely devastated when terrible things happened to them that I couldn't bring myself to read it consequentially. This goes to show how excellent the portrayal of the characters are.

Never Cried so Much

From the momment I opened up this book I fell in love with the characters Casper and Brandan. As they struggled to be together. I have never cried as much as I did reading this book. I spend two days straight doing little beyond reading this book and was hooked on the series. Mark Roeder has found the voice of the young gay teen and captures it with depth and compasion without coming off as predictable or shallow. The joy of reading this book is you care for the characters and what happens to them. I always look forward to the sequels and find out what happens next in Verona.

 Be sure to look at the perks on the right for full details on the perks bellow!  Premiere and Presidential perks also get a prop from the set!  VIP perk gets 3 props from the set!






Thank you so much in advance for reading through all of this!  We know that their are many options on Indiegogo, many questions you might have (so please if you have any questions, feel free to contact me in my profile page.  We would love to hear from you!), many doubts, etc.  We know we do not have much for our portfolio at this time, but this film will be the beginning of our journey to build that, and by joining our journey, you will be able to say you knew us when!  So please, we are sending out a call to action to join us on our journey and help support us!  Taking this risk with us will not be a bad decision!  We promises you on that one!

My name is John and I have formed Bad Wolf Productions. I have a Bachelor degree in Business Management. I am also a perfectionist and strive to do the best I can in everything I do, because if I don’t, it bugs me, big time. Lol Because of this, I pay attention to the smallest things to make sure everything is done perfect the first time. We are going to be a small production company set in South Dakota producing small budget films. A Better Place is going to be our launching film for Bad Wolf Productions. In the beginning we will be based out of my home, and then eventually as we grow we will be based out of our own building. 

We are looking forward to bringing you our first great movie that you are going to want to watch again and again. We are hoping that you will want to make this journey with us! The book is inspiring to read and we want to movie to be just as inspiring. We want the movie to be our way of sharing the book with you! Because of this, in the end, the movie will be a great product for everyone that watches it and we are the perfect ones to do this for you! We are privileged to share this project with you and look forward to making it happen together. 

I have always had a passion for the film industry studying everything I can about films in books and online. I have had small parts in local productions for the local college, USD, Like "Mary" and "The Long Run" as well as directing a small production for my high school to advertise a new class that they created and that I was taking part in. It was in this class that I also got a chance to study at the local TV station, SDPB, South Dakota public broadcasting station. Besides studying film as I was growing up, I also, for fun, created special effects on the computer in my free time on everything from Star Trek to my own creations. 

 While growing up, my family did not have much money. So the only production equipment I ever got to mess around with was an old VHS camcorder, two VHS machines set up side by side to do editing with. I had no way to put the film on computer to do much more editing than that. Because of this, I never had the chance to follow my dreams and passion in life. I am so excited to be creating Bad Wolf Productions so that I may continue to follow my passion in life and have the proper equipment to do what I love. 

Note: All perks can only be completed if we make our goal!  So please help out today!