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Crowdfunding Mailbox: Fitle Reinvents Shopping, Tablet Riser for iPad & Wedg Secure Cloud Solution

posted Jul 13, 2014, 11:08 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi

So for all Mailbox readers today – I will suggest you read the story about the Coolest Cooler.  Not necessarily because it is a cool project (it is) but because the organizer launched a campaign back in 2013 – for effectively the very same product – and failed.  The campaign was looking to raised $125,000 on Kickstarter.  It had over 30% committed out of the gate (pretty much standard practice these days).  They quickly surpassed the halfway point – and then the campaign stalled and ultimately failed.  This time he is doing it right and showing how a crowdfunding campaign should be run.  Read about it hear.  A great thing about crowdfunding is learning from the experience of others…
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First up we have Fitle.  This project is the future, or perhaps the very near future, of online shopping.  Like most people, I do the bulk of my shopping online. Virtual shopping is just too convenient and the platforms that offer clothing these days have gotten pretty good at providing a seamless and simple experience.  There is one major problem about purchasing close online though – and that is the fit.  Returning things via UPS is pretty convenient but would’t it be better if you knew how things looked before the suit or dress arrived at your doorstep?  Enter Fitle – a virtual fitting room.  This concept is actually a campaign that probably should be sizing up the equity crowdfunding space but they are raising funds now on Kickstarter to get their industrial strength application to market.  I can see their 3D modeling incorporated by ALL online clothing retailers very soon.  You can see the future here – now.CrowdFunding marketing

We all have concerns about digital security and online privacy.  Questions regarding online security hit a crescendo as Edward Snowden shared the depth of access the federal government has to all types of information.  If you are like me – you did not need a Snowden to understand the challenges. You simply do not open yourself up to certain vulnerabilities.  But using a cloud based service is pretty much ubiquitous these days.  From iCloud to AWS to DropBox and more – cloud based services are a necessity to a digital existence.  WEDG wants to power that existence but do so with a WEDGvery high degree of security.  Even better – the service they offer has no monthly fee.  This team out of Manchester, UK, is offering WEDG a device that facilitates email and storage with a focus on security in a system they built from the ground up.  Crowdfunding on Kickstarter now.

TabletRiser is something I need.  I have tried to migrate to an iPad only environment when I am on the move.  While the iPad is absolutely phenomenal for many things – it is still pretty tough to easily crank out content on the fly when you are traveling light.  After watching the pitch video for TabletRiser – I am forced to reconsider. I am already thinking about upgrading my 3rd gen product with the new batch this Fall and pairing it with TabletRiser so I can accomplish my goals.  This product is brought to you from a team in Holland by a firm called BakkerElkhuizen and they are raising funding on Kickstarter now.Kickstarter Marketing

Fitle: The Smartshopping Experience - Kickstarter 

Fitle reinvents the way you shop. Find the right clothes in 10s. Try them online before buying. Save them in your connected wardrobe.

Purchasing clothes online is an unfriendly experience. You need to shop on several websites, browse through thousands of clothes, adjust tens of filters and above all guess the size that fits you.

Fitle reinvents your e-shopping experience by making it friendlier:

Smart shopping: the entire offer of our partner brands available in a single place,, sorted by relevance to you based on your size & style

Virtual fitting room: try on clothes online with your customized 3D avatar

Connected wardrobe: Save your clothes online. Then try on new items with articles purchased months ago, review your wardrobe, share it with friends. Endless possibilities.Indiegogo Marketing

WEDG – The World’s Most Secure, Complete Cloud Solution - Kickstarter 

The WEDG is a revolutionary cloud email & storage solution, developed from the ground up with enhanced security and privacy at its core.

Day to day, we all rely on cloud based technology solutions for our email, data storage and online collaboration. Unfortunately, it is becoming apparent that the companies we trusted to provide us with these solutions have not always had our privacy concerns at heart.

What is WEDG?

The WEDG is a patent pending self hosted, on-site, secure email and file storage solution with advanced sync and privacy controls.

Fitle Tryonyou

Once connected to the internet, the WEDG provides everything that you have come to expect from a third party cloud solution, as well as a few yohave not.

The WEDG has no monthly fees and doesn’t limit or monitor your usage, nor will it ever share any data with advertisers or government agencies.crowdfunding websites

All this, whilst being one of the most secure products on the market..

TabletRiser: work smarter with your iPad/tablet by BakkerElkhuizen - Kickstarter 

Did you also buy a tablet just because it was a cool thing to have? And did you also discover that it is not only fun but that it actually works really easy and fast? Besides it’s small and light so you can easily take it with you, having it close by whenever you need it. There is just one problem ….sitting hunched over your tablet for a few hours can lead to some pretty serious neck, back and shoulder discomfort.

So, if you want to use your tablet for a longer period of time and for other things besides checking out your social network, watching a video or showing a presentation to a customer, read further……

The TabletRiser enables you to use your iPad in an ergonomic, more comfortable way (the TabletRiser is also suitable for other tablets). This way you can use your tablet in new ways and for a longer period of time without discomfort in your neck, back and shoulders.crowdfunding marketing

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