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Crowdfunding Mailbox: Bluecup Nespresso Capsules, Franken Edison Light & bleep

posted Sep 9, 2014, 2:26 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Sep 9, 2014, 2:31 AM ]
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As we move into the fall it seems like crowdfunding campaigns are picking up.  We have recently received many cool crowdfunding campaigns and I would just like to remind everyone that data shows that your probability of success jumps dramatically if you have over 30% of funding committed out of the gate.  So make certain your friends, family and social networks are in before you launch. I was just checking out a really cool campaign that was cancelled because it was stuck in the slow lane.  Better to cancel and corral those contributions first… and then launch again.

Ok.  Coffee is my drug of choice.  Drip, iced, espresso, cappuccino, day-old whatever.  I love my caffeine and I love the taste.  And I do have a Nespresso machine.  Now I do not use it all the time. Usually it is an afternoon or evening event for a quick boost.  I think Nestlé has created a great product with really good coffee and stylish machines.  What I dislike about Nespresso machines are the capsules.  They cost too much and they are not recyclable – so they end up in the garbage.  I would definitely use my Nespresso machine more frequently if the capsule issue was addressed.  Well some guys from Holland may have the solution.  Mike, Lars, Daan and Hans in Amsterdam have created “Bluecup” an alternative to the pricey Nespresso capsules.  You can grind your own coffee and still use your Nesresso machine.  Their reusable cups apparently will last for a hundred cups.  Really an ingenious idea.  I wonder why Nestlé has not done this on their own?  It is probably because they make a ton of cash off of those little capsules.  The project creators estimate 27 million capsules end up in the land fill each day.  So my guess is that Nestlé will wake up and see the error of their ways but Bluecup will be there first.Crowdfunding on Kickstarter now.

I love great design and crowdfunding has been a huge catalyst in creating new products that look great and add value to your everyday life.  Franken Edison Light is functional art.  This is a really incredibly cool light that incorporates the old with the new.  Edison style lightbulbs are integrated with three level Edison Lighttouch activation.  We all need lights – why not spend your money on one that not only looks awesome but is a conversation piece as well.  This is Dale’s second crowdfunding campaign. The first was for his Lumia LED light that was a big success. You can check out all of his work on his personal site called cool-invent – a site I am glad I found because I will definitely be back.

bleep.  Not certain where the name from but this is a product born of necessity.  We all have smartphones that spend a good portion of the day connected to a charging outlet.  We should all be backing up our data on a daily basis but many of us simply do not do it.  Why?  Because we have to set up a sync or manually activate the backup or we have ran out of space on bleep deconstructediCloud .. the list continues.  Why not automatically back up your iPhone or Android device while you are charging it?  Voilá.  Enter bleep.  Maayan Goren, based in Tel Aviv, has taken your charging cable and made it smarter. The cable comes wit storage capacities of 16BG to 64GB that syncs with your phone as soon as you connect.  Now that makes sense. Crowdfunding on Indiegogo now and well past its $20,000 crowdfunding goal.  Kudos on the really cool pitch video too.


Franken Edison Light – It’s Alive! – Kickstarter

Art piece & functional light that interprets Thomas Edison’s light bulbs with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Fascinating steampunk lamp!

Hi Kickstarters! Fresh off the heels of our last project Lumia – an eighth art, we’re back with another lighting inspired project. This time, instead of LEDs, we’re using Edison bulbs.

Project Inspiration:

What do Thomas Edison and Mary Shelley have in common? I was watching Thomas Edison Kinetogram Frankenstein (1910) on YouTube about a year ago and I was inspired to come up with an art piece project that would embrace Edison light bulbs and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein novel.

Bluecup : your coffee with a nespresso machine – Kickstarter

A sustainable and best priced alternative for disposable capsules. Make your own & have your favorite cup out of your Nespresso machine

A nice cup of coffee is something quite personal. If you love coffee then you agree with us. But at the time you have to pick from a standard range of expensive capsules for your Nespresso machine, you might wonder if too many consessions are made on your own cup of coffee. Then Kickstarter coffee lovers and Nespresso users , Bluecup can be interesting for you! Because you love coffee, like your Nespresso, but it has become a bit standard and expensive…

LESS WASTE GREAT TASTE: Imagine the waste in one day of about a 27 Million disposable capsules over the world (our most accurate estimate of the moment. Please share when more insights have been gained). You will create your own appropriate Bluecup capsules easily again and again with the Bluecupcreator. Guaranteed you can reuse Bluecup capsule at least a 100 times. With Bluecup you get your cup of coffee with less waste.

YouTube Video

bleep-Smart charging cable that backs up your data – Indiegogo

Smart charging cable that backs up your phone data. Lost your phone? All your data is in the cable!

For more than 20 years we’ve been using the same ordinary charging cables. It’s time to change the way we think of charging cables.

That’s why we came up with bleep – the next generation of charging cables for smartphones.

bleep brings your everyday charging experience to life! It can do so much more than just charge your phone, AND it looks much better too.

With bleep you get:

  • Automatic backup for your personal and professional data
  • Memory-Stick as your charging cable!
  • High quality charging cable
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