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CrowdFunding inbound marketing, How to build your crowd and convert them to your backers investors

posted Oct 30, 2014, 8:51 AM by David Khorram
CrowdFunding inbound marketing, How to build your crowd and convert them to your  backers / investors ?

This question has been asked from our CrowdFunding menrtors almost in all our CrowdFunding consultation sessions

The answer is simple but its implementation require expertise, knowledge and  time. Did I forget to mention time :)

1st, the answer:

When you connect your potential follower's brains and feelings to your product and service and their value propositions  ( value proposition: what is in it for them)  and create enough oxytocin  in their brain , then they might open up the wallets with you (the stranger). This help you find your follower and convert then to your backrs

This can be done with using art of persuasion principles , inbound marketing and series of  call to actions 

The Implementation

  1. Build a relationship with Google and leverage with Gorilla 
  2. Build a CrowdFunding web portal / landing pages  (virtual presents) and optimize it to your potential clients and followers  key phases and key words using Google fabrics. ( not your key phases and words)
  3. Your potential clients and followers in their time and place will find your web portal / landing pages ( inbound marketing - a non interpretive  marketing method) . Following shows the steps
  4. The next step is to use the following and promote (advertising , posting and promotion)  the your CrowdFunding website and its landing page  :
    1. Press release
    2. Social Media accounts ( yours and your CrowdFunding marketing company
    3. Blogs
    4. Web citation portal
    5. ...
    6. ....
  5. Measure results and focus on verticals that works. Market back to the vertical ( one can not boil the ocean). Building your Crowd starts here :
  6. CrowdFunding campaign your next landing page to promote, find and convert
    1. Learning from your CrowdFunding project page success, develop your CrowdFunding campaign page 
    2. Use CrowdFunding campaign page  and promoted
  7. CrowdFunding project phases and action items are as follow
    1. Pre crowdFunding launch:
      1. Use your CrowdFunding website , promote value, build brand, sign up followers and build your community
      2. You may find potential investors and flag wavers  
      3. Do your A/B testing before you launch
    2. During your crowd Funding campaign :
      1. Direct traffic from your CrowdFunding website  / landing page to  your CrowdFunding campaign page
      2. Use inbound and out bound marketing including email marketing , phone calls,...... and even peer pressure to get your followers, friends , family and friends of friends  .. etc to invest in your project
    3. Post CrowdFunding campaign launch;
      1. Transfer momentum from your Campaign page back to CrowdFunding web page 
      2. Build shopping cart and give investor ability to invest 
To start the CrowdFunding project planning and your Journey to success , you can contact us and start here

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