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Crowdfunding Expert Roy Morejon to Share Marketing Insights at National Crowdfunding Conference Kickercon

posted Aug 1, 2014, 1:40 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi

Roy Morejon, President of Command Partners, the top crowdfunding marketing agency, will be speaking at Kickercon in Houston, Texas. Beginning on August 28, the three-day crowdfunding conference and expo will bring together the top minds in the crowdfunding fields. Kickercon features a unique group of professionals from all aspects of innovation in technology, education, music and film. From on-platform tactics to public relations outreach and more, Morejon is prepared to share the secrets to his crowdfunding marketing success.
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Roy Morejon has helped entrepreneurs raise over $7,000,000 in capital over the last three years for some of the most noteworthy projects on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Crowdtilt. Morejon will share the marketing insights, knowledge and experiences that have helped his crowdfunding team continue to successfully fund projects in a time when the market is completely saturated with projects.crowdfunding advertising

"Crowdfunding has become more than just a sweeping trend," says Morejon. "From movies to technology, there are hundreds of successful projects that secure funding daily. My team and I have helped dozens of projects every month exceed their funding goals by staying on top of marketing trends, and I'll be sharing some of these successful tactics at Kickercon."indiegogo marketing

Kickercon attendees will hear from over 20 speakers including Sydney Armani, founder and CEO of CrowdFundBeat and Amanda Hat, Director of Growth Innovation for the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, who works closely with Command Partners. Hearing from the top minds in marketing and public relations as well as seeing case studies from successful crowdfunding projects will provide attendees with the knowledge necessary to create future successful crowdfunding campaigns.kickstarter marketing

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By David Khorram