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crowdfunding campaign website & landing template design development comparison

posted Dec 21, 2014, 1:21 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Dec 21, 2014, 3:56 PM ]

The term CrowdFunding website and  landing page often discussed when discussing e-commerce and CrowdFunding Strategy and its technical phases , CrowdFunding website and landing page focuses on CrowdFunding success and its three phases
  1. Before campaign launch (CrowdFunding project) 
  2. During (CrowdFunding campaign) 
  3. After ( Post CrowdFunding)
Clearly CrowdFunding campaign a short , high powered marketing technique but your product, service or offering last much longer than 2 months. 
The concept of a CrowdFunding website and landing page is simple: it’s a
  • Marketing page(s)  that shows you and your campaign exits
  • Promotion page(s) that shows value of your offering
  • Webpage that summarizes the key points and express your value or so called  "value proposition". (what is in it for them) 
  • Asking method or so called call to action(s) 
  • form to collect follower information, building a network of project enthusiasts 
We offer CrowdFunding website and landing page consultation, development and implementation using Google fabrics and Google analytic. ( 

Web landing Pages 
Build, publish Google fabric pages
Mobile landing pages
Press kit
Video embed
Social Promotions 
Social media sharing, linking buttons
Social media auto broadcast
Run contest, sweepstakes
Hashtag contests, Facebook, Instagram,LinkedIn,Websites
Lead Management 
 Integrated leads management
Integrated email system
Interrogated email marketing
Online Forms 
Google Integrated
 embed lead-generation forms
With auto respond email 
Landing page slider 
 Attraction, attention grabing
 A/B split test 
Email, Docs & cloud storage 
Mange leads with personalized email, customized email signature
CrowdFunding marketing automation campaigns
Google Integrated analytic
Landing pages analytic
Post CrowdFunding shopping cart
Google, Paypal & Amazon

Google embed search 
Google built in security 

Email marketing  
CRM Integrated email marketing
Email marketing analytic

Security and availability  
Powered by Google  
Google built in security

Google for work
Adding Google processing power
Leverage with Google   

 Leverage with  , build momentum, use inbound marketing, build your crowd and get the help you need to capitalize your network Start here!

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