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Crowdfunding campaign launched to save Liverpool's Bombed Out Church St Luke's

posted Jul 16, 2014, 12:45 AM by Siamak Ebarhimi
Campaigners hoping to save Liverpool’s iconic “Bombed Out Church” are asking supporters to pledge donations online.

An online crowdfunding campaign has been created to raise £18,000 to protect the future of St Luke’s Church, on Leece Street.

Earlier this month Mayor Joe Anderson pledged to find £150,000 for repairs to make the building safe.

He dismissed fears that the building would be sold off, but said a community interest company or social enterprise could be put in charge of its day-to-day running.crowdfunding marketing

Supporters of the landmark have used website to appeal for the public to pledge donations - in return for rewards such as invites to the launch party and having names printed on plaques in the building.

Curator of the church Ambrose Reynolds said: “It is so unusual within our rapidly developing modern world to find a space in which to find time to reflect. One might argue that in a city as large and diverse as Liverpool, being able to locate this sense of community is actually remarkably difficult but we manage it here at St Luke’s.crowdfunding advertising

“The Bombed Out Church needs your support. Since funding has been cut the only source of income for the church is through the daily donations on open days, as well as the income generated from events.

“At the current rate this is not sustainable to handle the costs of the structural repairs necessary and running costs of the venue – help us help Liverpool by keeping this special community space open for everyone by donating to our Crowdfunder campaign.”indiegogo marketing

Pledges can be made for as little as £2 - earning the donator a personal thank you on the church’s Facebook page - or as much as £9,000, in return for publicity on the website, social media and in the church newsletter.

For a pledge of £600 supporters can secure the use of the venue for a day, for a wedding or party, and for £100 they can name one of the 18 large stone carved faces in the church.kickstarter marketing

Seven reasons why we should cherish Liverpool's St Luke's Bombed Out Church

Simon Walker, Crowdfund coach for the campaign said: “There’s such a lot of love for the Bombed Out Church and with some amazing rewards available, Crowdfunder is rallying together the people of Liverpool who believe in standing up for a symbol of a great city’s heritage.”kickstarter project

The team behind the Crowdfunder project are also asking people to donate time and skills to the project as they are looking for help with design, promotion, musicians to perform and bloggers to write about their innovative fundraising.crowdfunding websites

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By David Khorram