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CrowdFunding - Art of asking - CrowdFunding video, art of asking via audio and visual persuasions

posted Jun 7, 2014, 9:20 AM by David Khorram
Step by step process of to build a CrowdFunding video

  • CrowdFunding Video is very different than product, service or event introduction , feature and benefits promotion. 

  • CrowdFunding video is about “asking- call to action” (up to 4 times) for  pre order investment or donation

  • You have 5 second to grab attention ( review - 5 second CrowdFunding video rule).Corporate advertisers that shell out a ton of coin know they have ~3 seconds to get and keep your attention. Youtube requires that you watch 6 seconds of an in-stream ad before being offered the choice to skip this ad. Other streaming video sites require a few seconds more than that. This shows that these large media sites know a little secret, – If you are interested in the first 3 seconds then you are likely to watch the entire thing. If you are not going to watch the entire thing, then the next best thing is to get you to watch a different one.

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Make the ask- call to action

  1. Remember to make it a question, and to ask- call to action  for something concrete, tangible and specific.

  2. This may seem like a complicated task- call to action , strategy or  formula, but once you practice it a few times before you present it , you’ll see that is actually quite natural, and makes for a pleasant experience.   Using this formula, your ask- call to action  may sound like this:

    1. 5 to 10 second attention grabber

    2. Introduction:  For example : Hi Kickstarters? (Pleasantries)

    3. Transition: For example : Listen, I’ve got something important to show you and ask- call to action  you. (1st ask- call to action )   (Make the Transition)

    4. Introduce the product, service or offering:

      1. We have been developing the ABC product for three years now, and it’s something that is very ………………...   or  tell them where you came up with the idea or your “ah-ha moment.”(Make the Connection)

    5. Set and get the emotion and trust:

    1. Using trust words, pictures, and art of persuasion to get viewers emotionally involved ( oxytocin factor)

      1. A point in time that inspired you to create this new product, a moment when you experienced a problem or a time when you believed you had an idea that could fill a common need.

      2. Every time I visit your kids to school, you know there are better ways to get them educated. You wish you could afford private school or private tutors . We want to make and deliver a 3D printer just for him/ her and for you to discover how they  to experiment with one ”. You can plant the future in your kid's mind. The single event that he ever remembers  (Make Them Cry or happiness)

      3. Tell them why

        1. At this time, we can only serve about 20% of the communities who need our assistance.  Our goal is to be able to serve every single family and child that needs……....  We need to raise another $200,000 to make that dream a reality. (Tell Them Why)

  1. ask- call to action  again (2nd ask- call to action )

    1. Would you be willing to contribute and pre order our ….  to help us reach that goal? (Make the ask- call to action )

  2. Don’t be afraid to ask- call to action  one more time at the end, as part of your presentation or video planning process, to write out a script for yourself and get it reviewed by your team (specially, if you have a psychology or a trained pastor)  so that you’ll feel more comfortable once you’re ask- call to action ing , presenting or recording the “ask- call to action ” video.

    1. ask- call to action  them to be  part your team

    2. Always profusely thank everyone who responds to your ask- call to action ,

    3. Be sure to thank those who say no but ask- call to action  them to

    4. But ask- call to action  all to share  your project with their Friends, family and network (3rd ask- call to action  and 4th ask- call to action )

      1. ask- call to action  viewers to help you reach your funding goal by contributing.

      2. ask- call to action  viewers to share your project with their networks.

      3. ask- call to action  “Help me spread the word: LINK HERE”- Under video or campaign page

      4. ask- call to action  “Know anyone who might like this? LINK HERE” - Under video or campaign page

      5. ask- call to action  Who can help me find the next backer? LINK HERE” - Under video or campaign page

Run contest and ask- call to action  ( this is mentioned in the video as a link or annotation once and they exit outside the campaign video in Social Media space)