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Crowd-funding helps local family with adoption

posted Nov 6, 2014, 11:31 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Nov 6, 2014, 11:35 PM ]
LOUISVILLE, Ky. —From financing businesses to charitable causes, crowd-funding has helped people around the world raise millions of dollars.

The newest trend is couples hoping to afford fertility treatments or adoption.

WLKY's Lexy Scheen introduces us to a local couple whose family of four became a family of seven with the help of the site "GoFundMe."

It’s a house full of love, “I love running!” said Ruby, the 8-year-old daughter of David and Lindsay Shore.

“First time when he hissed at me I was like uh oh, it scared me!” she said.

It wasn't just the family cat who had to adjust to these new surroundings.

The Shores' adventure started about two years ago after working with East African refugees in Louisville.

“When we felt called to pursue adoption, that was the part of the world we started looking at because our heart was already there,” said David.

From hopes of adopting one child, the plan continued to grow until Lindsay and David found three sisters in need of a new home.

“They were a group of three and that's really hard to place. Several things happened, big donations,” David said.

It started with social media, then support from friends, and their church.

It was a grass roots effort to get their girls home from Ethiopia.

“It was well over $60,000, which is way more than I make in a year as a school teacher, so it was clearly more than us,” said David.

Three months from the girls' arrival date, Lindsay says they needed something big.

“We basically knew we needed to have the money for the tickets and the last things, the last payments so I think that's when we started the Go Fund Me,” she said.

It’s an online fundraising site for people to raise money for personal causes and life events.

“We had several donations from people we've never met,” David said.

GoFundMe helped the shores raise 10 percent of their goal with more than $800 in donations.

The site has just a five percent fee on all transactions.

“The little bit they take off the top is well worth the connectivity and the publicity you get,” said David.

Since last July, 13-year-old Lydia, 8-year-old Ruby and 6-year-old Zoey have been home, happy and health, with their new siblings Isaiah and Abigail.

Meantime, Lindsay and David are hoping other will use the crowdfunding site to support their own causes.

“Five dollars, Twenty dollars, it adds up. It's just a really amazing process,” David said.

The Shores' Go-Fund-Me site is still in operation, with more funds needed to help with re-adoption fees.

The girl’s ages were incorrect during the initial adoption, so now there are even more court costs and lawyer fees.

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