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Chip’N Ship is Crowdfunding for Shopping & Gifts

posted Aug 10, 2014, 7:18 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi
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Austin based Chip’n Ship has released its beta version as their new crowdfunding platform created strictly for shopping online. The new site has been launched by Altlimit,  an Austin-based software development startup founded in 2004 by Faisal Raja.  The platform targets the average online users letting them create a shopping wish list and enabling other users to chip in.crowdfunding marketing

“You don’t have to be someone who can change the world to use this platform,” says co-founder Monna Lissa. “This is practically for everyone. For the ladies, men, birthday celebrants, anyone who wants to buy something online with a little help. It can even be used as a gift registry for birthdays and weddings or for a group of friends who wants to share expenses for a common interest.crowdfunding advertising

Aside from serving as personal wishlist and gift registry platform, creators envision Chip’n Ship becoming a primary option for managing donations for institutions and other causes. The platform can be used to build a school library or donate goods to victims of natural disasters.indiegogo marketing

“The good thing about Chip’n Ship is that there are no chances that the money you chipped in for buying a book ends up elsewhere,” the other co-founder Faisal Raja said.kickstarter marketing

Chip’n Ship addresses fraudulence by letting beneficiaries receive actual items instead of money at the end of a successful campaign. The founders believe this feature sets Chip’n Ship apart from other crowdgifting platforms.kickstarter project

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By David Khorram