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Camp Mintahama supporters crowdfunding to raise money

posted Sep 13, 2014, 1:53 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Sep 13, 2014, 1:54 AM ]
Supporters of Camp Mintahama are turning to crowdfunding to raise money to keep the Girl Scout camp running.

An Indiegogo campaign launched last week aims to raise $50,000 to cover operating expenses being footed by Friends of Camp Mintahama, a volunteer group organized to save the camp.

That fundraising needs to be completed before the Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland’s fiscal year starts Oct. 1.

“It’s a big goal; it’s a short time, but we know there’s a passion for this,” group chair Lisa Nelson said.

The campaign aims to reach out to campers and people around the country who want to support the cause.

“They need to hear the message that (the) camp is not saved yet,” she said.

In June 2013, the Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland property committee recommended selling the 180-acre camp, which is nine miles south of Joplin. The proposal was to divest the camp by 2015.

 But Friends of Camp Mintahama formed quickly and launched a social media and public campaign to save the camp. In November 2013, the board of directors for Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland approved the group’s three-year plan. The Friends group was charged with taking care of deferred maintenance, increasing camp usage by 20 percent, and raising 50 percent of the camp’s annual operating costs.

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