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Brief: Crowdfundraiser Offers Unlimited Crowdfunding Service For $70/Month

posted Oct 8, 2014, 12:51 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Oct 8, 2014, 12:52 AM ]

Crowdfunding platform Crowdfundraiser is now offering unlimited access to the company’s web-based portal for a low monthly rate of $70. The shift allows the company to offer services to individuals and groups who may have a need for regular fundraising month-over-month, but who may not wish to pay on a percentage basis every time they need to raise funds online.

CrowdfundraiserCrowdfundraiser’s Carl Christensen stated,“Our new approach will allow those who have regular fundraising needs to do so without incurring a 5% overall fee plus any merchant fee every time they want to raise money.”

Interested parties and partners looking to provide regular fundraising are asked to maintain their account for a minimum of a few months to try out the system and process. “Our crowdfunding as a service solution does not require a long term commitment,” Christensen explained. “But we do ask those who use it, to stick with the offering for at least a couple of months.”

Crowdfundraiser is working with schools, scouting and civic groups to provide discount crowdfunding. Christensen added, “We’re interested in providing crowdfunding for the non-profit groups in such a way that we’re price sensitive to their needs.”

For a low monthly fee, Crowdfundraiser provides the ability for organizations small and large to crowdfund quickly, easily and inexpensively. If an organization, group or individual needs to crowdfund once every other month, the subscription-based solution should prove a helpful fit.

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