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'Amor Crónico' Filmmakers Turn to Crowdfunding to Fund Distribution and Marketing

posted Jul 3, 2014, 1:04 AM by Siamak Ebarhimi
Until recently, filmmakers primarily turned to crowdfunding in order to raise funds to produce their film. But crowdfunding to support marketing and distribution is becoming increasingly popular, as filmmakers either go the self-distribution route or with indie distributors who lack the financial backing to support a theatrical release.crowdfunding marketing

In the case of Alexandre Rockwell's "Little Feet," the film was picked up for theatrical distribution by indie distributor Factory 25, but still needed to raise funds for music rights as well as other post-production expenses. Rockwell turned to Kickstarter and raised more than twice his goal of $35,000.crowdfunding advertising

With the recently launched Indiegogo campaign for "Amor Cronico," the filmmakers are looking to raise $75,000 for the promotion and advertising costs to release the film on their own. "We are excited to have already identified the right team of professionals who will give this film the special attention it deserves. Once the funds are raised, we will work tirelessly together for a Fall 2014 release," the filmmakers said on the campaign page. "We want to offer limited theatrical release, special events celebrating the film and Cuban culture, as well as independently hosted events."indiegogo marketing

Directed by actor Jorge Perugorria ("Strawberry and Chocolate," "Che") and produced by Grammy winner Andres Levin, "Amor Crónico" follows the Grammy nominated, Cuban-born, and New York based singer CuCu Diamantes on her tour through Cuba. The film weaves footage of live musical performances with a fictional love story, and premiered at SXSW in 2012. It has since screened at the national and international festivals of Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Cartagena, Miami, and New York.kickstarter marketing

Through an arrangement with From The Heart Productions, all donations to the campaign are tax-deductible, with a portion of the proceeds going to The Orphan Starfish Foundation, Aids for Aids and El Museo del Barrio, should they exceed their goal.kickstarter project

Check out the campaign video below:

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By David Khorram