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After the crowds: Gift ideas from successful crowdfunding projects

posted Dec 9, 2014, 12:57 AM by J Shaw

Browsing through Kickstarter and other crowdfunding campaigns can be fun and inspiring. All those great ideas and products that just need a bit more financial support to get off the ground.

People came, pledged some money and products were made. That's why projects such as the Pebble smartwatch from a 2012 campaign are now widely available at stores like Target.

With crowdfunding, however, you can't just buy something and expect it to arrive in a week. Supporting a project means there's no guarantee the product will ever get made. And if it does, it'll likely be delivered past the promised deadline.

So forget about shopping for Christmas or Hanukkah.

Limefuel is a rugged battery pack to keep electronic gear charged while on the go. The product was crowdfunded and is now available on Amazon or the

But now that hundreds of thousands of campaigns are long over, some products have been produced, vetted and are available for sale — in time for holiday gift giving. Here are a few products we spotted that are available today.

Moss robots

Who doesn't like robots? Modular Robotics wrapped up its campaign last December, raising three times more than it requested. The Boulder company developed a DIY robot that requires no coding skills or cables. Robots are created by attaching electronic bits and blocks via magnets to create a robot you could control on a smartphone. Kits start at $150 and are now available on its
There are all sorts of tablet stands out there, but if you need one that needs to adjust with your lifestyle, Denver-based Octa's line of holders will twist and turn to make sure your iPad is positioned just right. Octa is a Kickstarter veteran with two successful campaigns behind it for Monkey Kit and TabletTail, the latter which encompasses many tablet holders. The most recent campaign, which wrapped in June, began shipping last month and "tails" like Spider Monkey is available on Amazon or for $80.TabletTail
The iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard, version 2, came after the Edwards company successfully crowdfunded version one in 2012. Both are now available for

This Boulder company managed to make a rugged spare battery pack for $160,000 and ship it to supporters just a few months after its campaign ended. Limefuel already knew a thing or two about crowdfunding — its first campaign for Limeade last year raised $284,290, or seven times its goal of $30,000. Both batteries are available at Amazon or lime- for around $40 and $85.

iZen Bamboo keyboard

With a nod to Mother Earth, iZen Bamboo pitched a minimalist keyboard made of renewable and recyclable materials. The Edwards firm even tossed in a free beer or bear hug at one rewards level to supporters visiting Vail. The company has since released a slimmer version for $96 that is waterproof, dustproof and has a built-in power saver. Both are available

Garage Guardian

Ever accidentally leave the garage door open? Vonn Black of Colorado Springs created the Garage Guardian, a gadget that attaches to a garage door opener. It automatically closes a door that's been left open too long. He found 398 people to support his Kickstarter project, which wrapped up in January. Now that the campaign is over, Black is selling them on Amazon and for $35.

The Kano computer kit.

This colorful kit offering all the materials to build a simple computer (sans screen) was one of Kickstarter's million-dollar projects last year. The London company began shipping to supporters in September and now offers Christmas delivery for the $150 kits to anyone, while supplies last at


For those who can't afford a 3D printer and prefer freestyle art, this pen that leaks melted plastic to create solid 3D objects hit it big last year, raising $2.3 million. It's now available on the company's site for $99, at

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