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A Crowdfunding Project to Make Domestic Chores Simple, and Help the Underprivileged

posted Jun 18, 2014, 10:53 PM by Siamak Ebarhimi

Every week, we check out what's new on crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter to find the most innovative and interesting new projects. In the last couple of years, some of the most exciting developments in technology have come, not from the established players but from small teams with big dreams, like the Pebble smartwatch and the Oculus Rift.crowdfunding  websites

Sometimes, it can be a project that's not high tech, but still has the potential to change lives. Like, for example, KushGhar, a small company that wants to help the underprivileged people find employment.

The company is a three man team from Hyderabad, and its goal is to help the underprivileged in a lasting manner by making it easier for them to find jobs. It is, in essence, a domestic help agency, which operates online.Indiegogo Marketing

If you're in Hyderabad, you can log on to the company website and once you have registered with the site, you can sign up for services such as home cleaning, car washing, and stewards (who can help with service during parties). The service is currently invite-only as it grows, but you can request an invite from its registration page.Kickstarter Marketing

In India, there are plenty of "domestic agencies" which can help you to find people who will work in your house, but these are usually for finding people to work in your house for the long term.CrowdFunding marketing

KushGhar can help you to find help on a short term basis if required, and it also becomes much easier to use since the whole process is a simple three step solution online. All you need to do is go to their site, select the services you require, and schedule a visit.CrowdFunding advertizing

What's more, while the early services are very basic, KushGhar also plans to increase the jobs it can offer, and future services will include drivers, gardeners, plumbers and electricians. For the company though, the idea isn't just to simplify the work of a domestic agency by taking it online - it is also using this as a means to train underprivileged people in India, and helping them to find long term employment.kickstarter project

It might not be the most high-tech solution around, but if the site is successful, it will simplify domestic work, while also providing employment to the underprivileged. They're still in their early stages though, and are seeking funding to complete its rollout in Hyderabad. You can see the pitch video below.crowdfunding marketing

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By David Khorram