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CrowdFunding promotion tradenow - The World's online Barter marketplace!

posted Feb 19, 2015, 12:10 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 19, 2015, 12:50 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off
Discover the world's online barter marketplace and help us go one step further!

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Our Story

Two years ago, a simple yet not so common nowadays idea stuck in our minds: To create an online Barter marketplace! A community where anyone can trade goods and services in a simplesecure and user friendly space.

Myself (Yiannis Deliyiannis), George Karamanoglou and Michalis Pitsikalis, quit our day jobs and jumped into the abyss of the startup world!

On January 2013  tradenow was launched in Greece! A beta version with many ooops.. page not found! The whole project was at risk, technically speaking - because in terms of traction we signed on 5K members in our first 3 months! 

We regrouped, brought into the team a Senior developer (Dimitris) and redeveloped - redesigned the platform! We didn't give up our dream: To become the world's online Barter marketplace.

Today, almost 8 months in full operation, our barter community: 20K membersand 400 companies have created a marketplace with goods, services and real-estate worth over €150ΜΜ.  

With over 1,000 completed transactions valued at €500Κ,  this  barter community has helped thousands of individuals save money and hundreds of companies  to build their network and utilize their excess capacity.

Discover the world of barter trading

What we need & why

We need your support to take tradenow one step further towards our vision: To become the World's online Barter marketplace.

Specifically, we will use the funds to roll-out the platform in Europe & US and to develop a mobile application for our community. 

Our mobile app mock-up video:

YouTube Video

What we offer to our supporters!

Since we are in the barter industry, what we offer for your support is a series oftradenow perks and a solidarity promise: 10% of all the extra achievement of funds raised will be donated to our partner NGO's.

7-day Seychelles Cruise

Contribute $15 and enter the draw for a 7-day Seychelles cruise for two!

A €3000 prize exclusively offered by Variety Cruises for tradenow supporters.

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    Risks & Challenges

    We are a startup, therefore the risks are big!!!  But, we have what it takes to make this venture successful:
    Our only challenge is to make it happen...

    Other Ways You Can Help

    Contribution to our campaign can be expressed with just putting the word around:Help #tradenow - The world's online barter marketplace go #onestepfurther 

    Support our vision, share our campaign , join the world's online Barter marketplace, like our Fan Page and... Enjoy trading!!!