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CrowdFunding promotion haulage and transportation venture

posted Jan 18, 2015, 7:29 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 19, 2015, 4:57 AM by David Khorram ]

I am seeking financial aid for a transportation and haulage project.

Short Summary

I am a young lady seeking to raise funds for a transportation and haulage business. In the longrun,this entrepreneurial venture will  create job opportunities for drivers and other staff that will be required.
I do have experience in this sector and given the funds and opportunity I am confident that I can successfully  implement the project

What We Need & What You Get

I am seeking financial aid of $ 20000 which will be used as follows:
Purchase of truck....$15,000
Permits and licenses....$400
Tyres.................. $2000
Office rental (first month)....$500
first month fuel (before  client payments )...$1500
Other incidentals  and  charges..........$600
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The Impact

this transportation venture will provide  financial opportunities not only for myself but also to the people who will be employed as a result.  this venture will create employment for others  ,  thereby improving several  families standards of living immensely.

Risks & Challenges

Some risks and challenges I may face include:
●cumbersome delays at borders when transporting cross border cargo
●Seasonal contracts
● ever rising fuel costs

Other Ways You Can Help

please get the word out and make some noise about my venture

Any amount of money that will be arised will be a appreciated and contribute to this final goal.