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CrowdFunding promotion ZelosLaser - affordable Arduino Laser Engraver

posted Apr 30, 2015, 11:49 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 30, 2015, 11:50 PM ]
I start to plan the ZelosLaser Engraver with the goal of a well-built, Open Soft and Hardware Machine.The ZelosLaser Engraver is affordable, with a compact design and the perfect entry for the Daily Hobbyist.
It is easy to build. even for the non Hobbyist.

Step 1: BOM - materials/parts
Picture of BOM - materials/parts

###BOM - bill of materials###

Aluminium profiles 20x20 Type B
4x 15cm



printed parts in PLA


-Allen screw M4x8

-Allen screw M4x20

-Allen screw M3x20


-M4 Normal

-M4 Threaded plate



Steel Rod 8mm diameter 
2x - cm

2x - cm

1x - meter Timing Belt GT2

2x - Timing Pulley GT2 with 20 Teeth

4x - LM8UU linear bearings

1x - MDF Wood Baseplate 28x32 / 4mm thin

1x - Layer of thin Cork 30x30

1x - Arduino Uno R3

1x - GRBL-Shield

2x - Pololu a4988 Stepper Driver

1x - 12V / 3A power supply

2x - 12V Fan 4x4cm

2x - Nema 17 stepper motors / 36oz

1x - 250mw laser module

4x - Endstops

Various cable, different plugs...

Step 2: TOOLS

Picture of TOOLS

Tools you need

1x - Allen Key M4
1x - pliers

1x - Metalsaw when the steel rods or aluminum profiles are not even cut when you buy it.

1x - Jigsaw when the base plate has not been cut when buying

some wood glue (to glue a thin layer of cork on the bottom plate )

Step 3: BUILD IT

Picture of BUILD IT

Begin with the aluminum profiles. screwed together like in the Images.

Do not forget to push enogh M4 threaded plates into the V-slot of the profile.

Step 4: Electronics/wiring


Picture of SOFTWARE

Firmware for the Arduino UNO R3: Grbl 0.9
Grbl wiki: