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CrowdFunding promotion ZafeBit -It may be the safest watch in the world

posted Feb 17, 2015, 11:47 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 17, 2015, 11:47 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

ZafeBit is a wearable smartwatch that can alert your friends in seconds if you get into an emergency
The idea to create ZafeBit came when I saw a need for a product that could make my wife´s running workout safer without having to carry several devices in her pockets.

So what is ZafeBit?

ZafeBit is a wearable Smartwatch and Activity Tracker, with TWO built in safety alarms to notify your friends if you get into an emergency or any other situation where you need help.
When you press the SOS buttons your friends will get an alert and will also be able to see exactly where you are. 

We have created ZafeBit with design and safety in focus, we wanted it to look clean and modern to make it wearable but we have also filled it with functions to fit almost all people, whatever their interrests are.

Why choose between a sportwatch, a pedometer or a personal safetyalarm on your wrist when you can have it all in one?

Why should you wear a ZafeBit Smartwatch?

ZafeBit communicates with your phone using bluetooth and messure your steps, calories burned, distance, heartbeats plus it will monitor your sleep and can wake you up with a silent alarm. To make it the perfect training device we have also added a stopwatch.

You can also answer your phone, read sms, get message notifications from Facebook, Skype, WhatsUp etc. and remote your mobile camera. With that said, ZafeBit got something for ALL kind of people because even if you don´t do outdoor sports or are interrested in how many steps you have taken we bet that you don´t want to miss that important call or message, but the most important thing is that IF an emergency happen you know that you will be able to alert your friends in seconds.

ZafeBit has TWO Safety Alarms!

We have built in two different Safety Alarms into ZafeBit, a Silent Alarm and a Noice Alarm that will make a loud 110db sound to scare an attacker away.
You will be able to turn on/off both alarms off inside your app in your phone where you also set your emergency contact list of people that will get your alertmessage.

Silent Alarm:

To activate the alarm you must push the two SOS buttons at the side of your watch and when you do your ZafeBit watch will vibrate 3 times to notify you that you have activated it.
You will have 5 seconds to turn it off if you didn´t mean to activate it, after that the first person at your list will get an alert that you are in an emergency.
When your friend get the alert he or she will be able to click on the message to see your exact location. They will also see two call buttons, one that calls you and one that calls 911 or 112 depending on where you live. (You set it in your app)

If the first person doesn´t take action and click on the alert within 10 seconds, your app will move on and send an alert to the second person on your list and so on.
When all persons have been contacted without any response it will start over with the first person again up to three times.

Sound Alarm:

If this alarm is activated inside your app, your watch will make a loud 110db sound and the meaning of this is to scare an attacker away.

Just like the silent alarm it will give you 5 seconds to turn it off if you didn´t mean to activate it, after that the sound will start.

What we need & What you get

We will use the funds from this campaign to finalize the prototype, make the tooling and start the production  of the first batch of ZafeBit Watches, plus finalize the applications to both iOS and Android.
The screen will be changed to a touchscreen and when it´s on standby it will look just like a regular watch.

When you contribute you will get a great discount on the retailprice that will be set to $199.

ZafeBit Referral Program

As soon as you have contributed you can take part of our referral program, meaning that if your help us and refer as many friends and contacts as you can to our campaign we will reward you.

How it works: 

Simply log in to Indiegogo to get your personal tracking URL, then press the share buttons or share your unique URL (below the main video at the top of the page). Spread the word about us with your friends all over the Internet and you'll earn refunds quickly! You can even track your own progress by visiting your Indiegogo "My Profile" page and clicking on "Referrals."

    Risks & challenges

    We can´t see any risks, we have everything ready with the manufacturer of the ZafeBit Watch and they are just waiting to get a go from us to startup.
    If we don´t reach our goal of $95 000 you will get your money back, they will never reach us, but hopefully we there and go higher so we can release our stretching goals that is our ZafeBit Watch and straps in different colors.

      Other ways you can help

      As soon as you contribute you are welcome to take part of our referral program, that can give you a ZafeBit Watch almost for free.

      You are of course free to share this page without contributing and if you would like to send us traffic and share the link it would be a great help for us.