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CrowdFunding promotion Xavi's KITCHEN

posted Mar 6, 2015, 12:45 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 6, 2015, 12:46 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

YouTube Video

Purpose driven 'everything under one roof' global gourmet restaurant chain

(Our video may make us look like bozos who have not put in effort to make a good quality video. We are sorry for that .... This is merely because of lack of funds .... You see we are a team which still uses dumb-phones ....

You might also notice that our website doesn't have a custom domain & may question our credibility .... Don't worry we are in the process of procuring a domain .... 
However, we have written our heart out on this story of ours and are passionate to make it happen .... )
You see we are creative crackpots, the only thing we don't have is money ....

So what is this concept? ....

Xavi’s Kitchen is a unique restaurant concept which stands for combining fine dining, takeaway café, bakery and sweet mart concepts together. It basically means bringing ‘everything under one roof’. It will focus on global and Indian cuisines. The innovation in recipes, packaging and décor that will give unique social messages. Stressing on making most of the preparations in-house and fresh instead of ready-made ones which most take-away restaurants do. At the same time pursuing the idea of fresh organic ingredients that will be a crowd-puller.

Your valuable insights are what we really need the most .... So, do give us your valuable suggestions

A link about the related survey and a summary in text is here (The following story enlists names of some dishes we envision but in bricks and bats, so to get a better idea of what we have in mind do read this survey. It has a lot of dish names we envision):

A link to give you an idea of the concept in image decks:

Here is a look at the various sections that the restaurant will house:

Cafe section:

  • This is basically a section which will function like a takeaway style café 
  • This section will house: burgers, sliders, sandwiches, bread rolls, wraps, kebabs, juices, shakes & coffee based drinks 
  • Influences are majorly from Mexico, American, Chinese, Italian, Middle-east & India for this section



Certain items (a select few) will specifically be available only in the mornings for breakfast time slot and a select few will only be available during lunch and dinner time slot in this section. Some breakfast only items are NihariSpanish Churros, pancake based sandwiches and so on. For the lunch and dinner slot in this section we plan to have a range of Pulavs. Some include a slow cooked Dum Pukht pulav, Indian masala pulav, south Indian ancient lemon rice with grilled garlicky shrimp, east-asian styled fried rice with deep-fried coated fish and just rice and vegetables with a  Dal (pulses) and salad (from all the four corners of India). There will be awide wide wide range of kebabs on the menu. Note that the pulses in the dals will be regularly changed on a daily basis to have an upbeat appeal with the crowds.

Our policy will be to promote fresh in-house juices, fresh in-house pasta, fresh in-house mozzarella and to say NO to outsourced soft drinks and processed ingredients.

So sit back and order your MochaCappuccinoMacchiatoLatte .etc. But wait, we will also introduce you to Indian Filter coffee.

      Fine dining section:

      • Around the globe preparations
      • Little more sophistication and detail 
      • KaisekiSushiTeppanyaki styles of cooking


      We will surely implement serving Sushi in our first restaurant from the start but we will not lie that serving Teppanyaki may take time. Though we will try to do so from the very start we will keep Teppanyaki as a future plan for our dining section.

      There will be 2 ranges in the menu in this section. One will have a range of handis and thalis incorporating Indian classics. Another range will be a finesse range and will have fine dining options, courses, high tea and so on.

      We will put in every effort to maintain tradition while innovating in the recipes of different cuisines around the world for this section. This section stands for delicate crafting of artistic works of food.

      Take for example, our plan to have a dish in the finesse range called the 'Indian Empires' which will incorporate the coins of four major empires that ruled in various regions of India in the form of Kulfi or Barfi with a chocolate coated edible flower in the center of the dish. Don't worry we will make something similar for you when we come to your country and you will have this dish too on the platter.

      The finesse range will also have a mini range called the '7 Wonders of the World' which will have 7 dishes incorporating the structures of the 7 wonders of the world. Each dish will have ingredientsarchitecture and art that are indigenous to the country in which that wonder of the world is located.

      A bit of Molecular gastronomy is also in sights for the future.

      Sweets and Bakery section:

      • Breads, cakes and pastries
      • Ice-creams and global traditional sweets


      This section will bake fresh breads from around the globe for the other sections of the restaurant and we will sell the surplus. Besides that there will be traditional sweets from around the world and our dear ice cream to cheer up the crowds.

      We plan to have a standard range of products in all sections in whichever outlet we open in the future but we respect all cultures and we will for sure have a small range of products which will be a hallmark of only a certain number of outlets based on the region/country they will be setup in. So, when you go to a Xavi's there will be certain dishes which will be special maybe to only a few Xavi's outlets in that topography, region or country. This rule will apply to all the above sections. Because people of all regions and cultures should feel special and their culture should receive the much needed care. This is something which will be explored in more detail in the dining section because the dining section stands for creative freedom of chefs. And obviously there will be seasonal menus, chef specials, regional specials, country specials .etc. in all the sections.

      So why should you be bothered?

      The Americans, Europeans, Australians and people all over the world may think, "Of what use is a restaurant that is trying to open up in a town in India, to us?"

      Although the start of the initial chains is targeted in India, Xavi's will later expand on a global scale. If you don't stand by this endeavor, a lot of global dishes will missbeing exchanged on a global scale (we are not ordering you to do so but are humbly requesting you for the same). And as Xavi's will initially launch from India, a lot of Indian secrets which people around the world long for will not make it to a takeaway chain or sweet mart level around the globe. Apart from Indian there are Israeli LatkeTurkish Pide and Cyprus Halloumi which the takeaway scene has to yet meet.

      Now there are numerous restaurant chains which loath you with processed andstabilized stuff. There are numerous articles you can read on the internet about how chains use cheap, processed ingredients to save on costs. There is an article about international chains doing this in India (Read Shocking Insights of the junk food industry). This is what happens in India. And why only India? Food CIA shows it happening in even the big developed countries. Do you want to eat such meat processed and packaged for days and days before consumption? Or a cheesewhich is not a cheese but a stabilized mayonnaise? We intend on making our ownfresh mozzarella and fresh pasta (we are thinking about making in-house Halloumi cheese also but we don't guarantee it) while locally sourcing our meat and seafood. 

      You heard it right we will make our own mozzarella and pasta in-house. 

      We believe that if we put our heart and soul into making fresh, quality food for our customers, they will be happy to pay more than for a cheap processed stabilizer loathed dish.

      We will put a lot of attention on giving people some food for thought about social causes, the environment, their health and so on. Sometimes even giving workout instructions to our customers. We plan to do this through our packaging and decor. We will also print about our social presence on flyers and packaging. Things like our new hashtags, ratings, new locations on maps (when new outlets pop up), reviews, trends, number of likes and followers will be something that customers will see on packaging and flyers. They will also see the above mentioned (periodically updated) food for thought on our packaging.

      Our plan for the cafe section's decor is to have a modern, rustic feel with some graffiti and pop art. The dining section will however be a more sophisticated and classy affair. The sweets and bakery will resemble a bubbly, vibrant candy shop decor. We will incorporate important messages in the decor like a photo of an angry chef with a line below it encouraging people to eat their accompanying salad saying 'I made the salad for you and you won't eat it?' or a cut out of a beggar outside with #ShareAWing (coaxing people to share food or money with the less privileged). And like mentioned above giving people fitness workouts on the takeaway packaging.

      And Xavier personally feels that his maternal grandmother's Goan dishes (see Goan cuisine) and specially her raw mango pickle (its a groundnut oil based pickle not a water pickle) should not remain unknown to the world. To this day each and everyone who has tasted it has never said 'I don't want more'. This and other such tit bits will be bomb in the USP. We have noticed through cookery shows that just a few Goan dishes have leaked into the westerner's mainstream but have become a blowing superhit. Imagine if we bring a wider spectrum of Goan dishes like red pumpkin cooked in dried coconut meat .etc. to the world. And being Goan, Xavier respects the art of Pao (bread making) because it is synonymous with Goan culture. We are not only sticking with the Goan pao but are researching about international breads (global breads) so you will get to see a variety of breads like Jewish Challah, French BaguetteCuban bread, Chinese Shaobing, German Zopf and so on.

      We plan to mingle with other cuisines like FrenchJapanese and so on, bringing them to the world through our chain. However, we don't intend to degrade the cuisines like global chains have done to Italian pizzas and Mexican tacos using processed stuff. Now you may think that here are these fools who intend to experiment with different cuisines and bring them to people through a global chain of restaurants. These fools may mess up the reputation of the cuisines. Instead we fools plan to bring these with utmost care. We have in our research noticed a lot of global chains serving picture perfect pizzas loathed with cheese (or maybe stabilized mayonnaise) and processed meat which look like this:

      But infact a pizza should be made according to Italian traditions which should be simplistic,  rustic with real mozzarella and having blackened edges and air making air bubbles in the cheese and dough from baking which we intend to actually offer (something like this):

      Our fresh mozzarella will not only up our USP but also give people around the globe the real deal which is much much healthier and doesn't fall into the usual junk food category. If you are not eating the real thing then obviously it is going to affect your health. The real thing can't be held responsible for the junk we eat, right?

      And we will not only serve these but will also offer dishes with Portuguese,SpanishGermanCanadianGreekScandinavian & Latin American influences. Now we know that Portuguese love their fish and have 365 ways to prepare Bacalhau & the French love their breads and butter & Greeks love theirFeta (you see we are not just bozos). We are contemplating on the 365 Bacalhau (making one for each day .... we have to see how it all plays out).

      Some things which are at the forefront of Xavi's objectives is being eco-friendly and helping underprivileged members of society. In sync with the eco-friendly tune, the Xavi's team has in mind to incorporate biomass digesters which take in leftover food and discarded degradable kitchen waste and give out manure and biogas to fuel our kitchen burners. We plan to use the manure in the future to grow our own herbs and use them in our cooking. However, planting and using our own herbs from the very start of the venture depends on space availability. But, as the restaurant grows, we promise to grow our own herbs gradually. See the pic of a digester to get a hang of what it is:


      Great, isn't it? We will recycle food waste to fuel our kitchen burners and create manure for our own herbs. We will ask our customers to drop their litter (sweets & cafe section) into separate dustbins (segregation) for this and will cheer them for embracing this concept. We are contemplating on implementing all such good habits in our outlets using Gamification techniques.
      RECYCLING is COOL! Isn't it?

      We also plan to tap into solar and wind energy at all of our outlets to take care of a fraction of our energy needs, if space permits. By doing so, we will not only save on some of our energy costs but will also reduce our carbon footprint in a world where restaurants are blamed for having a large footprint. We will thus do some service to mother earth. We want to indicate here that harnessing solar and wind energy in our restaurant outlets will have a space and profits (funds) constraint but we will surely implement the above said biomass digesters from the start.

      We as mentioned before only intend to bring these cuisines to the world audience such that people all over the world discovery and appreciate varied cuisines. We in our discussions have wondered how westerners will love the idea of seeing a performance of Mumbai pav bhaji and bhel puri being prepared in front of them (a performance on par with Teppanyaki but is secluded in the streets of India with the outside world not knowing much about it). Or maybe how people will complement us for having a bro-sis combo of a raw jackfruit grilled sandwich (elder brother) with a charming spicy, garlicky spinach slider (little sister). You see we will coax you into eating healthy food (even if that means to put chocolatey broccoli on your pizza or the classic Margherita pizza (we'll put a pic of her's on our wall for you to see) or grilled chicken breast marinated in orange juice over your chocolate mole sauce so that you get your Vitamin C). Or how people will be tempted to play with their Sri Lankan hoppers/appams instead of eating them. Or how they will fall in love with Punjabi dishes like Butter chicken or chicken tikka masala, a Gujarati sandwich incorporating dhokla, oondhiyaa, khaman, patra and Meddu vada being its bread buns or Bihari Litti incorporated as a sandwich with stir-fried vegetables or Bengali Kabiraji or south Indian dishes with a twist. Or how people around the world will be enticed when we put Galouti Kebab and Maharashtrian thecha in their favorite burgers. The rest of the world has not been introduced to Kulfi (a creamier richer version of ice cream), We feel the world is missing out on this 'Holy Grail' which in one bite would take you to heaven and bring you back wanting for more.We have had endless discussions on how the world would adore South African bunny chowsCyprus Halloumi cheese, middle-east Baklavas,Indian sub-continent sweets, chocolate chip pastries and French sweet delights (EclairsRed velvets & pastries) and cakes from around the world if and only if this restaurant chain was set into operation.

      And who said we will not serve Himalayan & North-east Indian mountain cuisine i.e. NepaliDogriKangra, far-North Indian & North-East Indian (see East/North East India & North India under Indian Regional cuisines) cuisines. We will blend these various cuisines together so that the world wakes-up to these secret treasures.

      Although you have not seen much here, we are constantly experimenting and researching a lot, reworking and re-re-reworking concepts to put forward the best & we promise to indulge in working with fresh stuff like avocados, basil, thyme & other herbs, spices, saffron, chives, cheeses, pulses, grains, unique curry pastes & masalas.

      Regarding creating a brand around Xavi's, we have a trick for that too. Xavier (whatever he may look like now) used to look adorable in a suit when he was a kid. We feel that using his childhood image as a mascot will serve us good.

      comic strip for increasing our brand value is on the cards, but it will be at a future stage. Not at the very beginning of the venture. The comic strip will be centred around the mascot 'Xavi' (Xavier in his childhood) and his group of friends who all come from modest backgrounds and live a no frills life. These bunch of friends try to get around life's problems while having a smile on their face. Xavi helps his mom in the house and learns life lessons from here. Xavi with his friends try their best to help others in day-to-day life and also learn the harsh realities of life (the strip will depict this in an easier to understand for children way).

      And not only that, we plan to have a 'Talk of the Town' section. This section will have one or many statues (maybe ceramic with an average height of 3-4 ft) installed at each outlet of Xavi's KITCHEN. The statues at each outlet will cover adifferent topic and will be unique to that outlet. The statues may encapsulate the local culture, a public figure, an inanimate object of value to the local community or a fictional character the city holds dear to its heart. We may need the help of the local community for this through surveys. Well if the popular topic are a copyright of an individual, we will try to contact them and take permission. If however they don't oblige, we will have to browse through different popular topics and decide on another one.

      Implementing a 'farm to table' concept restaurant from the very start is difficult but, we will try our best to come as close as possible to this ideology at the start and then regress towards it.

      However, what we will be implementing from the very beginning is the use of localand seasonal ingredients in our preparations. So, we will serve you juices and shakes (we are deciding about ice cream) of only those fruits which are in season. And while doing so, we will strive to use local ingredients in our preparations. We believe in strengthening the local community and local producers/distributorswhile serving good food.

      If we show our care towards the local community then the community will itself take care of us.

      And yes, we will do this while serving you your favorite Doner kebabs. Perhaps even Okra filled with spicy peanuts and stir fried with onion, carrots garlic will do, what do you think? Are you tempted to fund now?

      We have this concept of 'Funny Staff' also in mind whereby our staff at the cafe and sweets/bakery front-end will entertain you occasional antics. There will be a lot of hi5es and fist pumps or a periodic laughter flash treating you with laughter therapy. Maybe sometimes they will enact a forensic investigation team on a crime scene when someone drops their food (don't worry they will not embarrass you but will try to cheer you up during your hectic stressful day) while cleaning up.

       Why eat your meals quietly when it can be a fun process.

      Basically, Xavi's outlets will work in a distributed architecture, making their own mozzarella and pasta in-house, having some unique dishes and most of all stressing on making most of the stuff in-house and fresh.

      Last but not the least, the main aim for setting up this venture is to fulfill a long term future goal of charity. However, it is not good to blabber about social work or charity one intends to do, so we will not talk much about our plans for this one. You can fund us for this point if you feel you can trust us with doing good work gradually and steadily in the time to come. But we would like to tell you that we will stress on financially empowering people through jobs or including them  in our supply chain management.

      Basically, Xavi's outlets will be like trains running parallel to each other but in unison, making their own fresh pasta and fresh mozzarella (and maybe Halloumi), making fresh in-house stuff, having certain unique dishes and chef specific menus, a local 'Talk of the Town' and so on.

      We will even have a notice board in the cafe section where people can pin flyers, posters of upcoming events, fests in the city so that the public remains abreast about these events, fests.

      Now you must be wondering, how can a restaurant claim to be a healthy alternative when they are having fried foods on the menu? It doesn't make sense, wright?

      "When you remove all the processed stuff and chemicals from food and its ingredients, you automatically make food 50% healthier"

      A punch line about us would be that

      'We are the average of a high calorie sugary cupcake and a healthy leafy salad'

      You must help Xavi's KITCHEN if:

      • You want to see a standardized takeaway chain give you gourmet food.
      • You believe that 'farm to table' should be a way of a commoner's life and not a luxury.
      • You want to see in-house cooking rather than processed ingredients loathed with artificial stuff.
      • If you know that you will not opt for accompanying salads until and unless your restaurant doesn't include it in your meal.
      • You don't want to always drink a soft drink with your meal. Opting for healthy juices, milkshakes and coffee instead.
      • You want to see staff that entertains you.
      • You would like to see innovative packaging at which you can stare for hours.
      • Want to see restaurant decor and food packaging that reminds you about charity, gives environmental and health tips and reminds you to do your workout (sometimes giving you exercises you can do on the go).
      • Want a shot of fresh pasta and mozzarella (we told you we are thinking about doing the same with Halloumi) on a daily basis.
      • You want to browse through a photo gallery called 'Year in Photos' of major events that happened at Xavi's (anniversaries, birthdays, marriage proposals, special days and famous people dining in our restaurant).
      • You want to be mesmerized by the 'Talk of the Town' section depicting your local culture or icon.
      • If you want to have a responsible restaurant that recycles and reduces itscarbon footprint.
      • If you want to make gourmet food more accessible to the masses.
      • If you believe in local and seasonal food ingredients and trust the fact that it is good for our well-being.
      • When we get profitable we will venture into charity. Bcoz we feel that businesses are meant to do charity and charity is our long term goal.

      Important while checking Perks

      Do the perks make you feel you are paying for less?
      Seriously?! $250 for a T-shirt? And $50 for a badge?
      Don't worry. We are going to keep a record of all our funders and are going toregularly send them perks as our brand grows. Obviously, those who fund more will get more goodies. The perks mentioned here are a starting point so that we get some room to set up our infrastructure, so be assured that funders are not going to get cheap one time small perks but we will send a continuous stream of perks your way gradually as the business grows.

      We plan to give each and every person who funds Xavi's a dish coupon (we are thinking about the $2 one). The price of this coupon will vary with the amount of donation you have given to Xavi's. It will be a downloadable, one-time-usable coupon with a unique tag which you can use at a Xavi's outlet do get a deduction in the bill of the amount specified on the coupon. A person even donating $5 will get a coupon. We will send out these coupons after a certain period of time (after we have settled into our work) but rest assured that you will get for what you donate.

      Not only people who donate $2 will get a tweet or facebook post mentioning their name. People who fund us $25 and above will get a tweet/post along with a photo of theirs' and the amount they donated. People who fund us $5 will have their name along with a $5 badge photo attached to the tweet/post but will have their profile pic in the post/tweet.

      The physical with downloadable certificates are different from the downloadable only certificates. Only downloadable ones will be a simple certificate with your name, amount funded but not your photo. The physical ones will be more premium and will have your photo, a hologram & will have your short bio.

      Do give in your name (you want to be addressed by and printed), primary email id, twitter handle, facebook & google+ profile link, referral id (if any, see the contest below), correspondence address, photo, small bio, gender, date of birth, your favourite dish & cuisine, favourite colour, size (country specific) of the t-shirt, shirt, hoodie, jeans/pants, shoes you wear for each and every contribution you make. Whether deliverable or not. This is because we will continue treating you in the future as the business grows. Some (not all) info will go on our official website when it is ready. The others are to perk you. So those contribute big bucks will continue receiving perks. Those of you who do so will not get perks more than mentioned in the perk but we promise to do so gradually as we become big. We are targeting to do so for people who contribute to us in the higher end of the perk spectrum. So, the more you perk us, the more you contribute the longer will be your supply of perks.
      If we are not wrong, we think that Indiegogo doesn't have a provision for funders to give the extra info like twitter handle, Google+ profile link, clothes sizes, short bio .etc. we asked you to give in the previous para. Don't panic. Contribute and we will contact you on the email id  you have given during the contribution stage. You can then reply back to our email with the details.
      Now regarding the meals & buffets, they will be applicable when you come to a Xavi's outlet. You will get a letter authorizing you to have the buffet. You can approach a Xavi's outlet when it opens in your locality in the future or you can visit a Xavi's outlet wherever it is on the globe to get your perk. You can mutually decide with the management there about when they can organize a buffet for you and get yourself treated accordingly.
      Don't worry our mug/crockery will not be a simple one with just some message printed on it. But it will be uniquely crafted to resemble a cute comic character with prominent features like feet and hands. Also, the gender based accessories contain the T-shirt, Hoodie, backpack (handbag for ladies), stylized hand cuffs and much much more.
      Those who fund us $100000 and above will get extras of accessories or gear which we will use in our photo shoot, ad campaign and branding.
      Those who fund us $50000 and above will get a unique mascot statue (1-2 ft in height). All of the Xavi's outlets will have such similar statues set up at their locations. However, the uniqueness of this statue you will receive with your regular perks is that it will be a limited edition statue which will be much different from the regular statues which will be set up at the outlets. It will not be produced in the future and is a one-time limited edition. So, you may be lucky enough to get your hands on one.
      If you fund us in the $25000 upward range we will send you recurring perks which will be merchandise of our above said comic strip when it gets off to a kick-start. But this is a future perk and we cannot estimate the time of delivery on this perk.
      You may not understand the use of these goodies now and may think of it as foolish but if you do pick up one now, down the years when Xavi's becomes a bigger brand, you will have these unique pieces which you can show off to the world and proudly tell them that you was a 'one of a kind' funder for Xavi's.
      We have future plans of felicitating those who fund using the 'Hand of God' and the 'Nectar of Nirvana'  perks at some events in a Xavi's outlet or at a mass events that Xavi's will organize in the future. Also giving them a round trip to a Xavi's outlet is on our minds. But we will not be bringing in people for the launch of the first outlet. We intend on doing this on a later stage, when we are earning big profits. We have not put in this reward in the perks because we cannot ascertain the delivery date for the same. Apart from that the 'Hand of God' and 'Nectar of Nirvana' perk funders will get to visit the eventsparties we organize for free. You get to have a dish with your name on it and a plate hung on the wall at every outlet. The 'Hand of God' funders will receive constant updates about Xavi's future developments, parties, sneak peek into Xavi's development and get invites for beta testing.
      Not only this,  all the $10k and above funders will recieve trips to special events at a later stage & they too will be felicitated.
      We may tweak the perks a bit before going live. So, keep seeing the updated perks from time to time before the launch. Even after the launch, before funding, please do cross-check the perks before donating.

      Another thing we would like to mention here is that we will be monitoring how many people share & refer this campaign to other people in their network so as to fund us. Such referrals which fuel more and more donations will be sought after. The more people in your network fund us with your reference the more bright are your chances to winning a surprise bag of goodies. We are basically running thiscontest in which we will calculate the final total of the amount that arises from your referrals. There will be only one winner who will get a surprise gift.
      But there is a condition that you have to first contribute $500 or above on your own accord to enter this contest race. Tell people you coax into funding us to useyour name  and email id (which you will give Indiegogo during your contribution step) in the Referral field for their contribution so that those referrals are attributed to you (when we contact them on their email id). So you see, you can win and get more value for your money even while funding less, but coaxing your friends to donate.
      Note: Both the name and the email id they give should match the ones you have given us. (Bcoz there can be two people named John Wright but they cannot have the same email id, right?)
      So hurry up, contribute, coax others to contribute and get SUPER PERKED.
      We are also going to monitor how many people share this story on social media. We're deciding on what to perk one person who will constantly post/tweet about us (on various social media) and make us a trend. Don't worry we will perk you with something good. (But do fund us, don't just share us on social media or else it will defeat the purpose of our campaign, bcoz everyone might put their hands up and say that they are sharing #XavisKitchen, but not funding us. In the end this may lead to no one funding us. This is the diffusion of responsibility in a crowd principle in psychology. So, first things first. Fund us and then share us till the campaign ends) So go ahead and and make #XavisKitchen a trend, it might just make your day. You need to fund us something first to qualify for this prize.
      The winner of the referral contest will surely be in for a treat bcoz that person will not be able to imagine what treat he/she is in for (your money and coaxing will not go to waste).

      The most important thing to understand about #crowdfunding is that 'initial momentum is everything', the rest is baseless. Success in campaigns all depends on how many early funders are there? The maximum funds come in at the start of a campaign and at the end of a campaign. However the contribution at the start is always higher. It is like a tidal wave whose initial momentum if synced with can sail you at ease to the shore. Bcoz people see that many people have initially funded and so they fund. It leads to a positive feedback loop. Then even the media takes notice and it leads to more publicity and more funding. So, you the initial funders are everything for this campaign if it has to succeed. So, do pour in your funding and also get your farthest friends and even acquaintances involved in it from the word GO. And they will do it with their friends in turn too.

            Now when the campaign goes live you might see that it is running for a long time and might think that a campaign running for a long time like it might get funding from anywhere, why does it need you? Wrong! If everyone feels the same like you (remember the diffusion of responsibility principle) then our campaign will be RIP. A campaign only succeeds when it reaches the goal in 3/4th the campaign time. The rest is extra icing on the cake. So in actual only 3/4th of the time is actually there for the campaign. This is why we are asking you to tell the whole town about this today itself. Now you may feel that seeing all these negatives, a campaign should never succeed in theory. But in practical they do succeed, solely based on networking, coaxing, lobbying and trust. So do these with your friends and fund us.

        Why so much funding required?

        Xavi's is actually combining 4 concepts into one i.e.  cafe, dining, bakery and sweets. To implement this it needs to have more finance than a usual restaurant.
        We know that still the funds requested are more. This is because, Xavi's will need some room for expansion if it wants to expand early in its lifetime. Expanding will create more profits and will multiply profits. Over that it will not be feasible to ask for crowdfunding again and again during expansion. Hence the high requirement of funds. We put our profile up for investment on portals and contacted a few investors but they felt that our venture is targeting a very competitive. Now we could not explain to them in business terms that we are targeting for 'farm to table' and not 'sell cheap processed food and gather more customers'. Please do fund us so that seeing our care and dedication to customer health and food quality people may come to appreciate original, fresh food. The the reason we are crowdfunding is because we trust you to take things in your hands and start a revolution.
        We actually require much much more funding than quoted here. But to get a head start we have quoted less here. Do keep funding us even if we meet our funding goal.
        We are a closely knit team and Xavier (post graduate engineer) heads this team (being the head, he should be blamed for any grammatical errors in this story of ours too). We are currently working with culinary experts and chefs and working on how to make this a reality. They sure give us guidance and have suggested a lot to our present knowledge base but if they (chefs & experts) have to work for us, we have to hand them a paycheck. And that is why your funding is so crucial to make Xavi's KITCHEN possible. We have shortlisted and have had discussions with proprietors of various locations (to set up our restaurant) but here too we come hit the same roadblock of funds. Hence, it is very important that you fund us.
        Please do fund this project to have a healthier and more responsible, caring and home-like restaurant option near your place in the future.

        If you do the economies

        Pledge a $1 at least!

        Even a $1 of contribution matters to our campaign, but obviously we are giving you a tweet for $2. You may not notice its value today. But, if tomorrow, #XavisKitchen becomes a big global brand (which we are confident, it will) you will have a tweet to show your friends and family that there was a time when you funded #XavisKitchen.

              So, if you even give $1 and $2 and convince most of your city (there are a lot of people in there) also to give some money, we surely will reach more than 3/4th of our funding goal. But obviously you will contact your friends in other metros (we are sure you will do this for us, we can trust you) and they too will promote us the same way and we might cross our goal.

              We have done some maths (it is only approximate not exact) according to which:

        You sharing this news to others and them sharing to others (creating a chain) will increase our success chances by 0.2%.

        You sharing this news along with funding us, and them sharing to others (creating a chain) and funding us seeing that you are funding will increase our success chances by 0.5%.

        However, if you don't share this and don't fund us, it will reduce our success rate by 1.5%. Its a negative feedback loop and is not an independent event. It will continue reducing our success rate.

        Even when you share it plays an important role. If you share and start promoting us today, it will increase our chance of succeeding by 2%. The more days you take to fund and promote us or tell your friends about us, it reduces our chance of approaching our dream by 0.5%.

        In case we bring in a lot of funds in the initial days of our campaign and are a rolling success, we aim at contacting and getting featured in the print media so that it brings in more bucks and the register keeps ringing. But, for that it is important that you share and tell the whole world about it today itself and fund us as soon as the campaign goes live. Tell your friends not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow but today!!!! 

        Because we have to go to the media tomorrow. Remember?

        Phew .... That's a very long post, isn't it?

        Follow us on

        Get our social media profiles to trend ....
        You can also broadcast the following links over your networks or printout the images of the following links and advertise/lobby for us:                  (Vertical A4 size advert to print, share)               (Horizontal A4 size advert to print, share)                  (Total infographic to print, share)               (An online message you can direct your friends to)               (Our keep calm & .... link which you can share to networks & Reddit .etc. )

        I, Xavier, personally thank you for reading our story.
        If you like our concept thank you one more time.
        If you saw our online profiles & gave us feedback thank you 2 more time.
        Now if you have taken the pain to read our post and seen our concept, will you please fund us?
        Because there are perks and the usual perception about #crowdfunding is that you pay and get perks. However, you can pay any amount not mentioned as a perk also, big or small ($600 or $30 or anything). Even a $1 matters.
        If you funded us, thank you 3 more time.

        Fund us. Share this. Join the revolution.