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CrowdFunding promotion Wireless NAS Server - For Mobile Use

posted Mar 5, 2015, 12:16 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 5, 2015, 12:16 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off
NAS Server placed in your pocket that expand your mobile device capacity

Here you can find answers on the most common questions that we get.
We will updating this on regular basis during the campaign.

What kind of memory card does Wirca WCR use?
It use a TF-card that you can find almost everywhere.
We will offer memory cards here later if you want to order it together with your Wirca WRC.

How do I charge Wirca WCR?
There is no battery in Wirca WCR, it take the power from the USB port where it´s inserted.
We will offer a powerbank here later that you can insert your Wirca WCR to use it everywhere.

I forgot to add shipping to my order what should I do?
Just select the shipping perk that you can find above, we will match it to your order before we ship.

If i earn a reward do i need to pay for the shipping to get it?
No, the shipping is included in your reward and it will be shipped together with your regular order.

When will you start the shipping?
Our goal is to start shipping in May 2015 and that all backers should have their Wirca WCR at the end of the month.